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April 21, 2007

73 Warrior-Engineer on Eredar. I'm leveling a bit slow. Work, y'know... Gets in the Way.

I've using the name "Arthos" since 1999... Entirely a coincidence, and it was a mistake due to a misspelling of Athos, one of the Three Musketeers. Unfortunately it stuck. I was going to change it in preparation for WotLK, but my guild mates talked me into sticking with Arthos for whatever bizarre reasons. I play on a standard PvP server... Go figure.

Had ideas for many a Fanfic for a long time that I could never bring myself to put to paper. Partly from my desire to not turn, as I call him, Artur Lightrage(long story to that) into a Marty Stu, or other type of god-like self insert... Whatever. Doesn't matter. I play on a PvP server.. Not like anyone there would give a damn... Oh well.

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