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AllianceNPC 32Shanza Proudmoore
Shanza Proudmoore 0.8.1
Gender Female
Race Dragonspawn (Dragonkin/Humanoid)
Level 95
Character class Mage
Affiliation Kirin Tor, Blue dragonflight
Location Dalaran
Status Alive
Relative(s) Jaina Proudmoore (mother),
Kalecgos (father),
Derecgos Proudmoore (brother);
Derek Proudmoore, Tandred Proudmoore (uncles),
Finnal Goldensword (aunt),
Daelin Proudmoore (grandfather)

Shanza Proudmoore is the youngest child of Jaina Proudmoore and Kalecgos. She is a peacelover who belive that Horde and Alliance should work together. She sees herself as a example of peace because his parents are the leaders of the Kirin Tor and the Blue Dragonflight who once waged war agains one another. She might be rencarnation of Anveena Teague. She has very strong ties to her father beacause of that and diskike her mother because she expelled The Sunreavers.

Biography Edit

When Anveena Teague sacrificed herself to banish Kil'jaeden a part of her would always be with Kalecgos. When Kalecgos and Jaina Proudmoore had a daughter shortly before Theramore's Fall in Theramore that part became their Dragonspawn child. And his survival is most likley the reason why Jaina and Kalecgos was remarkalbe happy after Theramore's Fall. She lived in Dalaran as a infant. A Drakonid like Derecgos are like small children when they are only a couple of months. Not like Whelps who act like adults from the beginning.

Landfall Edit

When The Sunreavers took the Divine Bell from Darnassus, Jaina urged Kalecgos to take his childen now to Coldarra, and so he did. Shanza would later state that she would have stopped the purge of Dalaran if she had matured more. Kalecgos later succeded Aethas Sunreaver and took his place in Council of Six.

Thunder King Edit

When Kirin Tor Offensive assaulted the Thunder King Kalecgos stayed with her in Dalaran. Regardless of that Deracgos only is one year old, she behaves and look like 5 year old small child for Human standads.

Interment years Edit

After everything settled down after the Siege of Orgrimmar she continued to live with her parents in Dalaran. She is like a 10 year old Human when she is 2 beacuse Dragons mature and grow faster then Humans. He is like 13 at the actual age of three and started to study the Arcane art in Dalaran at that age.

Woid Invasion Edit

Jaina Proudmoore moved a recently rebuilded Town that was originaly a part of the original Dalaran Kingdom to The Void. Kalecgos travels with her beacuse he is still protecting Azeroth. Neither of the siblings are allowed to board the Town beacuse who let their children go to one of the darkest places in the Twisting Nether? Derecgos and Shanza are left in [Dalaran]] to become powerful Mages. However she secretly travels to The Void with Lady Liadrin, and this to her and her brother reuniting.

Notes Edit

  • His eyes aren't amber like the picture, their color is actually purple.

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