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"Anyone up for an adventure?" -Davanas Witherwood.

Davanas Witherwood hails from Gilneas. He was born into his family, The Witherwoods. Though after many years he discovered the corruption of his family and fled into hiding. After marrying Blue Witherwood they had a child, Red Witherwood, named after Blue's particular name. Davanas and Blue escaped Gilneas during the Forsaken assault, taking Red with them. Davanas and Blue fled south and quickly found life in a Nomadic Way. Davanas over the years joined the Alliance Military, joining a special forces team called Bear Company. After serving for many years he one day found a night elf named Nikolai, asking for help on a mission. He asked for quotes for the Tombstone if any died. Davanas stepped up out of the shadows and said, "I die with a sword in my hands". The mission consisted of stealing plague caskets from the Forsaken Front. After dropping from their gryphons into the nearby ocean they swam to the shore, stealing only one keg. They were caught by an Apothecary, with an army of Forsaken. They held out and were pushed to a house only to pick them off and escape to a bridge. After that Davanas joined Nikolai's Guild, The Avangarde. Davanas quickly found a friend among the guild mates, Xanleth, and they went on an adventure together. Davanas called it Mountain Climbing, but they really just wandered out together and drank. After the adventure Xanleth and Davanas went to Stranglethorn Vale, there Xanleth told him of T.K.M, an evil sorcerer who killed his family. After the story they raided a rebel camp and Davanas was captured. He was tied up to the ground until Xanleth freed him. Davanas and Xanleth also held off against a Goblin Captain, Xanleth slaying him. Soon they looted the house they were in to find a wardrobe with a few necklaces and big diamonds. Davanas took nothing, Xanleth took everything, and put on a black diamond necklace. He felt the urge to kill, and it was soulbound to him, he could never take it off. They then went on a hunt for T.K.M, or Taldaram K.M, and met Archgale, a shining noble in armor. Archgale seemed like a fine man, and he was. Archgale was always the shy one in the expedition, but he was a fine warrior. As they made their way to Taldaram, Davanas scouted ahead. Davanas and Taldaram fought one on one and Taldaram won. Davanas lost his arm. One of the group members, a powerful mage named Kultura, re-attached his limb. Davanas, after that, went on several more hunts, then on another mission to Northrend. There he faced his fears, knowing here he lost his wife. As they journeyed he saw a maiden named Belletrix. He realized she was planning to fly off to confront the people who stole her magic, but he tried to stop her, failing. While she was gone Davanas decided to go after her in his normal heroic way. Davanas found himself stuck in a cave, and arrows struck his eyes, Dorinathal found him. Davanas got up and ripped the arrows from his eyes, the eyes going with them. Davanas had survived the incredible injury and lived with his nose to guide him. As they lead Davanas to safety Davanas was shot down in the air, Belletrix showed up to help him. A stray cannonball landed between the two and injured them. But the two survived and hauled their way to Davanas' ship which they used to get there, it was stolen but someone retrieved it. Archgale also showed up during the mess, helping Davanas. Davanas had visions of his past when he fell into icy cold water, talking in his faint, cursing at his brother. Davanas did escape though, and now goes on the same adventures. Xanleth and Archgale, his two closest friends, and Red, his daughter, now survive off of eachother. After that Davanas went to Outlands, there he ran into a Blood Elf Warlock named Tarrace. Tarrace put a curse on Davanas and sent a demon into him, alike to Valeera Sanguine's. Davanas killed Tarrace and now fights with the demon, Shennozanbarn, everyday in his body. Davanas overcomes it, but when he is physically weak it comes out, and just makes it worst. Davanas also helped free Bloodsail slaves and was hunted down by them on his adventures. Davanas and his friends are usually at an adventure or at the Blue Recluse. Davanas and his friend Archgale one day had the idea of reclaiming their homeland, Gilneas. They made the colony, New Gilneas. They established it in Keel Harbor and started gathering Colonists. The Colony was hit many times by the Forsaken, armies of them invaded. But the Colony held their ground, many were injured during the battles. Davanas started having hallucinations of his master, Eziosan Darkwind, after a battle, he told him that the Colony would be attacked heavily, and that they couldn't hold it back. The battles usually had their heroes, Barleia, Arkeios, Ian, Varklin, Archgale, Youang, and Davanas. The Forsaken were led by Guard-Captain Grimstone, an ex. general for Gilneas, and a Captain of the Guard for the Royal Guard of the Banshee Queen, the Deathguard.

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Server and Stuff

Davanas hails on US Wyrmrest Accord RP, there he is in the guild the Avangarde. There you can meet Xanleth, Davanas, Reddaisy, Archgale, Nikolai (Has a special o), Menelkir, Galasriniel, Kultura, Pathberry, Youang, Barleia, Varklin, Arkeios, and many more!

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