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General Edit

Carrington is an Human Alliance Priest on the Blackrock server. A long time member of the guild Redefined, he joined the guild on the day it was chartered. Upon release of Burning Crusade Carrington joined the guild Scholars & Gentlemen as a non-raider (Scholar rank).

Character Details Edit

Gear Edit

In raids, Carrington uses full Vestments of Transcendence, Benediction, Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon, Shard of the Scale and Essence Gatherer. For more details on this gear set, and any additional sets, refer to his CTProfile. In full raid buffs he hits 9665 mana points and 5307 hit points.

Talents Edit

Before Burning Crusade: 31 Discipline, 20 Holy[1].

Leveling in Burning Crusade: Ended at 16 Discipline, 45 Shadow[2].

Current: PvPing as 24 Discipline, 37 Holy[3].

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