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HordeNPCElite 32Zautso Steamgear II
Steamwheedle Bruiser
Title <Executive Merchant of the Kaja'Cola Company>
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Level  ?? Boss
Affiliation Bilgewater Cartel
Position Leader of the Steamgear Cartel
Location Various Goblin Territory
Shadowbane Disclaimer

(Under Construction)

Zautso Steamgear' is the Representation of the Goblin Adventurer in the Bilgewater Goblin Lore, And the Leader of the Steamgear Cartel


Growing up BuisnessmanEdit

A Young SucessEdit

Starting ZoneEdit


Speculated FutureEdit

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

It's been stated repeatedly in-game that Zautso is going to attempt to take Gallywix's Place as Trade Prince, but it will be a challenge with a great event as He's done many things before hand that almost got him removed out of fear

1. Zautso used his childhood to learn perfect buisness in attempt to put Steamwheedle and his barons out of work for a take over

1 (Result). Zautso was Sold to the Bilgewater Cartel to prevent this

2. Zautso became friends with Maldy and Jastor Gallywix which would later lead to a move to take them both out of the picture when they lost all care for him

2 (Result). Maldy was Put out of Buisness by Gallywix, and Gallywix forced Zautso out, getting a Last word wish from Maldy when he died, and a request from Gallywix before becoming trade prince

3. Zautso attempted to form a Cartel from all allied cartels to make his rise to the top after being scammed out of his plans

3 (Result). Zautso was captured and put under a curse by an A Mysterious Individual and forced into slumber for 20+ years

3 (Aftermath). Zautso was Given Temporary Immortality from that and remained young throughout it and regained his place in Bilgewater

4. Zautso 2 years after breaking free from the curse almost took Gallywix's Place as Trade Prince after the Trade Prince's Tretchery

4 (Result). The Now Hated by Zautso Ex-Warchief had to Make a Choice between Zautso, Botik, And Gallywix for the Trade Prince of Bilgewater and in Turn Gallywix won that battle

4 (Aftermath). Zautso is now allied with Garrosh Hellscream and most of the Orcs, And supported by the Goblins as they all cannot stand Thrall's choice

5. Zautso has Rebuilt KTC and is using the old services with new support from the Steamgear Cartel and is using the services with improvements and scams like cheap labor, ingredients, parts, and mental tricks. And is now Running a Goblin Mob overwatched by the Orcs

5 (Result). Zautso is feeding off the success so far, and getting higher and higher to his goal

6. Zautso is undercover to use contact with Gallywix to get to him and eventually scam him out of his job

6 (Result). The Story is now following a Keep your Allies Close, and your Anti-Friends closer....


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In World of WarcraftEdit

Zautso Appears as his Weaker form as Zauttso on the Server Wyrmrest Accord US

Preceded by:
Trade Prince Steamgear I Earliest Known
Leader of the Steamgear Cartel
Succeeded by:

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