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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

This article is about the in-game raid boss. For character biography and forum apperances, see David.
Neutral 32Daenen
Title <The Shadow Glutton>
Gender Male
Race Voidwalker (Demon)
Level  ?? Elite (Boss)
Health 20,000,000
Location Void Citadel

((Warning, this now contains spoilers to what will happen during the thread.))

Daenen <Shadow Glutton> is the final boss of the Void Citadel in the Twisting Nether.


Human Form:

  • Melee: Melee attacks hit for 7k to 9k and gives the debuff Hunger's Bite.
  • Hunger's Bite: Reduces armor and health by 5%. Stacks up to 20 times. Last until fully healed.
  • Blind: A random target's screen goes black. They are unable to see friendly or hostile targets.
  • Shadow Mind Prison: The person with the top healing in the raid sees five members of the raid surrounding them. The five members will begin to rapidly lose health for one minute. For each person who dies, the healer gains the Broken Spirit debuff. The players the healer sees are not harmed.
  • Broken Spirit: Intellect and Spirit are lowered by 20%. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Silence: Silences target for 15 seconds.

Demon Form: (Daenen turns into a large voidwalker with four arms.) Daenen retains his previous abilities, while gaining the following:

  • Spirit Consumption: Anyone who dies increases his health by 5%, and summons an elite voidwalker that uses spells dependent on the class who dies.

Druid - Void Vines - Summons vines to hold down nearby foes. Lowers health over time.

Hunter - Void Dragon - Summons a nether dragon.

Mage - Arcane Conversion - All magical damage causes void damage to the caster.

Paladin - Void Martyr - Sacrifices life to Daenen, healing him for 100-200k.

Priest - Shadow Mind Prison - Performs Daenen's Mind Prison.

Rogue - Void Step - Attacks random targets, then vanishes.

Shaman - Void Shock - Reduces health by half for 30 seconds.

Warlock - Nether Bond - Begins to AOE drain life and mana.

Warrior - Spell Reflection - Casts Spell Reflection on Daenen till killed.

  • Star of Sageras: Begins to pull in every member of the raid towards him. After fifteen seconds, he will blast every, killing anyone near him and using Spirit Consumption on them.


Phrase 1 Daenen will be sitting at a large table. To start the raid, every member must sit at the table. Once everyone is sitting, Daenen will make food appear. He will comment about everyone enjoying their last meal, and begins to eat. During this time, the following people will come in, assuming they did not die during the raid:

Mark Windstalker



((Possibly Taed and Radin))

Daenen will end the meal, and the fight will begin. He will start out striking one of the people who entered, unless there are none, inwhich case he attacks whoever is closest. It is best to have four healers healing two tanks, that way if he Shadow Mind Prisons or blinds, you still have healers, and Hunger's Bite can easily be cured.

He will typically keep at least one member of the raid Blinded. He will use Shadow Mind Prison once a minute. The raid has a basic tank and spank until he reaches 50%.

Demon Form

This is still relatively simple. Survive and kill. The only thing that happens is that dying now has a worse effect on the raid, as it will summon an elite voidwalker. Once every minute, he will use the Star of Sageras, pulling everyone in and begining the four second cast. He will begin casting blind and Shadow Mind Prison more often, and loves to use it right before he unleashes the star. There is no way someone under the spell can tell without being told through a chat system.

Continue killing until he dies. Be ready, heal up, pass out loot, and get the hell out, as his death will start the event, Escape from the Void Citadel.

Your AlliesEdit

Although it sounds simple, without the aid of the heroes, Daenen is difficult due to the frequency in which his abilities are used, and how easy it is for him to stack debuffs on everyone in the raid. The retain the same amount of HP they ended their event with. They can be attacked and die. They can also be used for Spirit Consumption.

Shirl(Priest) - Light of Creation - Removes Hunger's Bite debuff and heals for 5k.

Jacobyth Windstalker(Hunter)- Shoots arrows at Daenen, and kills of the voidwalkers made from Spirit Consumption

Waine - Waine will split into his four personalities, depending on which are killed:

  • Waine:(Mage) He will attack Daenen and save two members from the Star of Sageras.
  • Logic:(Rogue)He will block attacks and pull agro off the tank if their health falls below 35%
  • Trance:(Warlock)He will give a void aura to the raid, reducing damage taken from void damage by 500. Once he has "absorbed" 100000 damage, he will blast Daenen for 100000 damage.
  • Light:(Priest)He will remove Blind and Shadow Mind Prison 50% of the time. Will heal tank if Logic pulls agro off them.

Raijasha(Warlock)- He will increase all shadow damage done to Daenen, and add to the DPS.

Isabella(Mage)- Increases frost and fire damage done to Daenen. She will keep Raijasha alive.

Richard(Warrior) - He will give Daenen the Madness Debuff and add to DPS.


Sitting down: Daenen: "Ahh, so you are the ones who have been killing my cult, slaves, dragons, etc. Well, I am afraid you will have to pay with your lives. No mercy for your crimes at this point. Let's enjoy either your last meal, or mine."

If any allies bust through the door: Daenen: "Seems we have some rude guests. MEAL OVER!"

If you have no allies: Daenen: "Pity you can't see what I can. Several members of my crew would have helped you. And I am sure Radin and the Black Eyes would have loved to join us as well. Nevertheless, the meal... IS OVER."

Agro: "Time to saite MY Hunger."

Kill: "Its never enough." "Enjoy the bowels of Oblivion." "I am eating well tonight."

Demon Form: "So... hungry.... I am wasting away.... into nothingness."

Spirit Consumption: "They shall become part of the void."

Star of Sageras: "I shall consume this world!"

Death: Daenen: "Fools. I am nothing. You cannot destroy nothing." A shadow appears on the far corner of the room, then walks towards him. David: "They can't. But I can." David runs up to Daenen, grabs Hunger, and stabs him in the stomach, then himself in the heart. David: "I will take you into the Nether with me. *Spits blood* This time, there is no return.



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