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AllianceNPC 32Daezen Anthania
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Warrior
Position Miner, Engineer
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sister: Donni Anthania

General Info Edit

Daezen is an Orphan that grew up in Stormwind City. His parents are unknown to him, as is his exact age.


Daezen is an average sized male, with a beard and blonde hair. He can always be seen wearing an eyepatch or a full-face covering. His clothing and armour are simple, and usually worn by use. He carries himself with confidence, and looks to be comfortable no matter how much armour he is wearing or what sort of weapon he carries.


Daezen is a quiet person, though far from anti-social. He is loyal to his sister, his only remaining family, and The Shadow of the Moon, his guild and perceived "extended family".

-Beliefs and Views

Daezen believes in the overall goodness of people, but is practical enough to know that it doesn't often shine through. He strongly believes that there can be peace between the Horde and the Alliance, and that the unending conflict can only serve to weaken them in the face of their true enemy, Sargeras and The Burning Legion.

Family Edit

Donni Anthania, Daezen's sister, was traumatized at an early age and grew up to be known as the "crazy cat lady". Daezen cannot stand to hear his sister referred to as such, and will jump to defend her honour, even though she never seemed to understand the nickname let alone allow it to bother her. Daezen has arranged for supplies to be delivered to his sister's cabin once a week, and is there to supervise the delivery every time without fail.

The Present Edit

After recently joining the Shadow of the Moon, Daezen began a final push towards mastering the path of the Warrior. This accomplished, he turned to Engineering for his next challenge, and is still fine tuning his flying machine in the hopes that it will actually stay in the air long enough to get him where he wants to go.


Daezen in his flying machine (not pictured: fiery crash landing)

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