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November 6, 2006

Howdy. Played wow since the week it came out, played warcraft since Orcs and Humans while I was 4.

Played on Daggerspine since release, but I switched over to Stormrage with my friends mid 2010 due to the hordes dominance of dspine.

Major Toons:


Drakensteel 80 Paladin Vanilla: Only 60, main, healer Crusader: First 70, main till mid BC. Late BC, main alt. healer (1st 1/2) Tank (rest) Wrath: 80, tank, alt

Vorpral 80 Rogue Vanilla: Made Crusade: Hit 70 near the end. random specs Wrath: Hit 80, alt random specs

Lorgrim 80 Death Knight Vanilla: - Crusade: - Wrath: Started, loved it, main till 3.3 Blood leveling, Unholy/Frost DW hybrid (Naxx), Frost 2h (Uld) Frost DW (ToC) Frost 2h (4.0.1)


Acreon 80 Mage Vanilla: - Crusade: Hit 70, main, Fire Wrath: Made main after 3.3. Arcane (80) Fire (4.0.1)

Noxa 61 Warrior Vanilla: - Crusade: - Wrath: Started leveling.

Playtime, > 325 days.

Major Guilds


Vanilla: Pontifex Unium, merged with Remnants of Lordaeron. Fell apart, moved to Nemesis. Died just b4 BC.

Crusade: RoL tried to reform, failed. Joined Super Troopers mid BC, it broke up a few weeks later because we couldnt get attendance for Gruul. Mage joined Apocalyptic Harbringers while leveling, but moved to The Betrayed with much of the guild.

Wrath: The Betrayed until 3.3, when it broke up.


Wrath: Joined Haze after transfer, eventually left (first time leaving an active raiding guild ><) to make Its Pancake Time with friends.

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