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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Fluffy Meets Mini Fluffy
This is the story about the greatest hero Azeroth has ever seen.

He is a mighty Owlkin, defending Azeroth from it's greatest enemies. His name was Fluffys.

The Moonkin Transformation

Fluffy as a baby

Fluffys grew up in a cave in Darkshore with his family, he was a perfectly normal owlkin just like the other until one day. He was playing with his owlkin friends late at night when they saw a wierd light high up in the sky. The moon was flashing with a blue and purple colour, giving out a wierd smoke unlike any they've ever seen before spelling out the name Fluffys. A tiny blue beam hit Fluffys that blinded him, the beam grew bigger eventually giving out a huge blast that knocked all the other owlkins back and left Fluffys unconsciouns. The strange beam disappeared and the other owlkins rushed towards Fluffys fearing that he was dead. But as they get close to Fluffys, they notice his colour has changed. He was no longer brown like the others but violet. Fluffys was still breathing so they took him back into the cave where he got to rest.

A couple of days later, Fluffys wakes up. He screams when he noticed his colour had changed, and his mother comes running in comforting Fluffys, telling him what had happen. Years past, and no one noticed any difference in Fluffys after the happening.

Discovering His Powers

Discovering His Powers

One day, when Fluffys was looking for food for his family, he saw two orcs torturing a night elf lady. Since night elfs had been really helpful to the Owlkins defending them from the imps that was in the area, Fluffys wanted to help. Not knowing what to do since the orcs had great armour and weapons, Fluffys became more and more angry watching what the two orcs did to the night elf. He feels energy stream down his arm forming a bright blue circle of energy in his hands. Out of fear, Fluffys points his hands at one of the orcs. The orc gets struck by a blue beam, much like the one hitting Fluffys a few years back, killing the orc instantly. The night elf, shocked by what just happen, looks around spotting Fluffys standing behind a tree in the distance. The other orc, out of confusion, swings his axe around, ending up falling over and gets stabbed by his own weapon that was laying on the ground, but it was not enough to kill him. Fluffys uses his hands to form another blue circle of energy, pointing his hands at the second orc that is laying on the ground in pain and ends his suffering. Fluffys runs over to the night elf, freeing her. The night elf thanks him to then run off into the forest. Fluffys search the orc's bag finding tons of delicious food. He runs back to his home, telling his family about the strange happenings. Fluffys had gain the power of arcane and nature energy.

Becoming A Hero

After the year past, Fluffys lust for adventure becomes larger. Fluffys eventually sets off to learn more about his power and to defend Azeroth from the dangers that it had to offer. After becoming a great hero, Fluffys went defeated many of Azeroth's enemies.

Fluffy rose defiently against Molten Core, defeating The Firelord.

Ventured into an alien world to defeat the Betrayer, Illidan.

Joined the war in Northrend, killing Arthas and his scourge.

The Destruction

Then finally, weary after the battle with Arthas atop of Icecrown Citadel, he hoped of returning home to his owlkin tribe in Darkshore. However upon arriving in Stormwind Harbor, it was clear that something horrible had happened while he was away. When arriving Darkshore, he sees what was once a peaceful inn ruined, and crushed beneath water, and in the horisont he sees something terrible. A gigantic Vortex where his home used to be. He ran towards his home, only to find that there is nothing to go home to. His family members layed dead on the ground, it was as if he could see them run in fear from the destructions of Deathwing. Then he hears something. among the wreckage in Darkshore, he finds a new friend. A little Owlkin Hatchling with the same violet colour as him. Taking this orphan under his wing, he sets out to take the hatchling away from the destruction. Memories of all he have lost in the Cataclysm haunt him, but he focus all his energy into teaching this young owlkin about the world it has been born into. And now, Fluffys have to leave his most beloved to put an end to The Destroyer and revenge his family.

The End

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