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AllianceNPC 32Highlord Dunnsworth of Stormwind
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 80
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Stormwind
Location Unknown
Relative(s) Baron Dunnsworth The Fallen (son),Tirion Fordring (paladin master), Lady Mary Dunnsworth (sister), Swiftwing (Gryphon Companion))
Alignment Lawful Good

Highlord Dunnsworth of Stormwind is a Human Paladin, Knight of The Silver Hand and former apprentice Tirion Fordring. He is a veteran of the First, Second and Third Wars.

Early Years Edit

Dunnsworth was born 12 years before the First War, and named David Dunnsworth. He was the son of James Dunnsworth, a high ranking member of the Brotherhood of the Horse, and Victoria Dunnsworth, a cleric of Northshire. He had one sister, Lady Mary Dunnsworth, a couragous female Knight. He spent the first 12 years living with his family in the small town of Northshire, in the Kingdom of Stormwind. His life would be forever changed, and his family shattered, by the invasion of the Orcs, the conflict that would be later known as the First War.

The First War Edit

Dunnsworth's parents were killed early on in the conflict leaving him and his sister the only remaining members of the family. 3 years after the beginning of the First War, David Dunnsworth was drafted into the military, at the young age of 15, to fight the savage Orcs on the front lines. His older sister, Mary Dunnsworth, served as a knight and fought the Orcs with bravery and honor. Both of them survived the First War, and when the war ended with the assassination of King Llane Wrynn I and the destruction of Stormwind Dunnsworth and his sister fled with their commander, Anduin Lothar, across the sea to Lordaeron.

Becoming a Paladin and The Second War Edit

Dunnsworth joined the Knights of the Silver Hand immediately after he got to Lordaeron. He was assigned, as a squire, to Lord Tirion Fordring. He would fight along side Fordring, a person he deeply admired, through out the Second War. The two of them formed a special bond. Fordring was like a father to Dunnsworth. Dunnsworth also befriended Lord Uther the Lightbringer, the first paladin and Grand Master of the Silver Hand. The 3 of them fought courageously throughout the war and after the Battle of Blackrock Spire, Dunnsworth officially became a Paladin. The 3 paladins would be close friends through the end of the war and until Uther died from the blade of a fallen prince, and former paladin.

The Fall ofLordaeron and the Begining of the Third War Edit

When the Scourge unleashed the Plague of Undeath on Lordaeron, and the Scourge assaulted the northern Human Nations, Dunnsworth, now known as Sir Dunnsworth, was the first to fight the forces of darkness on the front lines. But as the human nations suffered defeat after defeat, Dunnsworth realized that the kingdom was lost, and followed Jaina Proudmoore across the sea to Kalimdor.

The Battle of Mount Hyjal and Return to Stormwind Edit

Sir Dunnsworth fought valiantly at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and held his ground against the might of the Burning Legion. After the war, Dunnsworth returned to Stormwind, and took up the title of Lord. The newly dubbed Lord Dunnsworth assisted Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in helping to recreate the Order of the Silver Hand. 2 Weeks after he returned to Stormwind, Dunnsworth finally heard of the death of his good friend, Uther The Lightbringer. He immediately traveled up North to pay tribute to his close friend.

Retaking the lands of Stormwind Edit

Dunnsworth devoted many months to bring order back to the lands of Stormwind. He served with the Stormwind military in Elwynn to fight off the Defias Brotherhood and it's mercenaries. He served with the People's Militia in Westfall, the Lakeshire Guard, and the Night Watch and eventually the sinister enemies of Stormwind (faction), such as Morbent Fel and Edwind Van Cleef were personally killed by Dunnsworth.

War in the Plaguelands Edit

After Stormwind had been retaken, Dunnsworth traveled back to the Northern kingdoms and helped the Argent Dawn, a resistance group, fight against the Undead Scourge. Dunnsworth would see many of his comrades die fighting the legions of undeath that assaulted the resistance like a hurricane, mindless and destructive. But never the less the Scourge was defeated in the Plaguelands by the time the Burning Legion reopened the Dark Portal, the same portal that had brought the Orcs into the world. War with the Legion was upon the Horde and the Alliance once again, and now Dunnsworth would unleash his full might on the armies of fanatical demons that sought to destroy all civilization.

Beyond the Dark Portal Edit

When the Burning Legion launched their assault through the Dark Portal, Dunnsworth was among the first people that helped hold the line against the legion until help could arrive. When the legion was pushed back to Outland, Dunnsworth began his long campaign to bring judgment to the Burning Legion and the Ilidari. The paladin traveled throughout all of Outland, serving within the ranks of Honor Hold, The Aldor, The Cenarion Expedition, the Sha'tar and the Sha'tari Skygaurd. His battles eventually brought him to Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley. There he befriended a curious, young gryphon. Dunnsworth bought the gryphon off the dwarves and named him Swiftwing, after the mightiest gryphon of Aerie Peak. Dunnsworth would bring doom to Illidan and his minions, and restore order to the planet all with Swiftwing by his side.

The Goblet of Life Edit

One day, while Dunnsworth was walking the streets of Stormwind, he was approached by an old mage. The mage asked Dunnsworth for help in reclaiming a possession of his. The mysterious mage explained to Dunnsworth:

"The other day while I was traveling from my residence in the hills to Stormwind, I was attacked by a group of bandits, they took many of my possessions, but most importantly they took The Goblet of Life. It is an ancient cup that belonged to a long line of Jungle Troll Warriors. Drinking water from the cup will make you appear younger and it will add thirty healthy years onto your lifespan. This is a sacred object that shouldn't be in the hands of a thief. I ask you Dunnsworth, as an upholder of justice, to retrieve this cup for a poor old man."

Dunnsworth agreed and the next day he set out into the hills to find the bandits. He found their camp and found that although the bandits were all human, they were being lead by a powerful ogre mage.

Dunnsworth charged into the camp with his hammer swinging and immediately took out all the human bandits. As he caught his breath, the ogre mage casted an arcane bolt that blasted Dunnsworth back 10 feet and into a tree. Dunnsworth called upon the powers of the Light to help him and he jumped up and charged the ogre. He threw his hammer into the mage's side. The ogre plunged to the ground, and before he could complete casting a fire bolt, his head was smashed by Dunnsworth's hammer. Dunnsworth found the goblet in a leather bag the ogre had been wearing and put it in his horse's saddle bag. He then began his trip back to Stormwind.

Dunnsworth returned the goblet to the old mage, and as Dunnsworth turned around to walk away the mage asked him to stay. The mage filled the goblet with water and handed it to Dunnsworth. "Drink," he said, "as a thank you." Dunnsworth drank from the goblet and seconds later he felt his crow's feet and wrinkles pulled away, he felt strength that he had not had in years. He look at his reflection in the canals and saw the he looked as if he were 30 again.

Dunnsworth bid farewell to the mage and walked off into the city streets.

Battles and Skirmishes with the Horde Edit

Dunnsworth, even after the three great wars, continued to battle the Horde. Dunnsworth has served in the Warsong Gulch, Arathi Baison, Alterac Valley, and the Eye of the Storm. He has also made successfull raids on Thunder Bluff, Orgimmar, Undercity and Silvermoon as well as minor raids in Ashenvale, the Barrens, Stranglethorn Vale and Desolace. Dunnsworth has also served in the Battle of Deadwind Pass, under the leadership of the paladin Throbe.

Coming to Northrend Edit

After the return of King Varian Wrynn, Dunnsworth was given the rank of Highlord. He is now one of the King's top military and diplomatic advisers and a member of the House of Nobles.

When the forces of the Alliance landed on the beaches of Northrend, Dunnsworth was right there with them.


Dunnsworth occupies a House within in the hidden Cut-Throat Alley in Stormwind. He also has a small house in Northshire, not far from the Abbey, that he inherited when his parents died.

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