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  • Full Name: Jezabel Ethelstan
  • In-Game: Jezabel
  • Server:Sisters of Elune US
  • Guild: Akevial
  • Title: Supporter
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Class: Warlock
  • Professions: Enchanting and Tailoring
  • Age: Looks to be about 19 (no idea how to put that in elf years)
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Jezabel takes care of her looks. Her hair, which is slightly longer then shoulder length is curled to frame her face. She prefers to keep it looking neat and on occasion has a few pins or other decorations in it.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Weight: Athletic on the thin side
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Garments/Armor: Jezabel likes pretty things. While with her current financial status she cannot afford the same kind of nice things that she was otherwise accustomed to, she still tries to have nice robes.
  • Other: The difference between the sisters is that Jezabel really does have a great liking for jewelry. She wears a number of rings on her fingers, a bracelet, a rather decorative necklace and a air of dangling emerald earrings. All in all, despite her current financial status, she doesn't look like she had lost much.


Jezabel is a bit of a brat, though she had really taken to her situation a lot better then most girls of her background would. She acts stuck up on occasion and is known for making snide comments at various people. Despite that however, and her tendancy to whine about it, she doesn't so much mind going out and actually getting things done. If anything, though she'd never admit it, she kind of likes the adventure. After all, she had never done anything like that before.


Johnathan Ethelstan did not want children. Actually, he couldn't really give a damn one way or another. He loved his experiments and his work. A little too much. Having made quite a name for himself in his alchemy as well as his other experiments in necromancy, he had all sorts of requests from various nobles and high standing members in society. It wasn't until a woman came to him wanting him to give her children that he even thought of the idea. She was very perticular about what she wanted, twins, girls, pretty and without any pesky disabilities. She was willing to pay quite highly for it. He never asked whether her husband just couldn't make her with child or if she just prefered it in other ways. Genetically, the girls were the children of this woman and Johnathan, though alchemy and magic were involved to make sure she got what she wanted. She had paid him 1/4th up front and the rest would come after the children were born, to make sure he had indeed delivered on what he promised.

When she came back next time, Johnathan did not recieve his payment but instead a "refund" getting stuck with two crying newborns. She had changed her mind. She didn't want them any more. Whatever had caused this change was not explained, though he had heard rumours of infidelity and abuse between the woman and her husband. Perhaps he did not approve. Whatever the case, Johnathan was not happy about it. But what could he do? When Cynadrion Caremyr showed interest in one of the girls, he had happily sold the newborn. That girl went on to be raised by Cynadrion and currently goes by the name Truth Ethelstan. However no other such high offers came about. And he was not going to dumb his experiment on some lowlife in the city. So he kept the other girl, Jezabel. And while he was never much of a father, he provided anything she wanted. She was raised by a servant and had the nice things to make her happy.

Jezabel attended good magic schools but had taken an interest in shadow magic and demons when looking through her fathers books. He didn't mind or care much. On occasion he taught her a thing or two. But in general, Jezabel grew up in a rather pleasant environment in the city. Until Truth came back and her father had an accident. '

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