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AllianceNPC 32Austin
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Rogue, Warrior, Warlock/Mage (Able to use a large range of Fire Spells.
Affiliation None, though some ties with the Alliance.
Position None, Mercanary
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) None known (although his mother has been rumored to be Alexstrasza

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Austin is a strange looking guy, though not someone you'd like to see in a dark alley. He stands around 6'7" with rippling muscles and pale white skin. His eyes have never before been seen because he's always wearing a pair of powerful red goggles to display is genius engineering skills. He wears flaming red armor to intimidate his enemies, and warn his allys of his powerful fire spells.

Life in AndorhalEdit

Austin was born in Andorhal, in what is now the Western Plaguelands. He helped his foster family work in the forests surrounding, but he left quickly, telling nobody, when he felt as though something bad was going to happen, at the age of 14. Taking only an axe, and the clothes he was wearing.

Harnessing his PowerEdit

As he was fleeing to the south, Austin entered The Searing Gorge, where he was inevitably captured by Dark Iron Dwarves. He was thrown in a cage near a lava flow. Austin was confused, and frightened as to what the dwarves might do to him. So he attempted an escape. Austin knew he had some magic flowing through his veins, so he attempted to harness the lava and flames, and melt the cage now binding him. To his surprise, it worked. The cage has melted and he was not harmed at all. The Dwarves tried to slay him out of fear. Austin created flames from his bare hands, and slew every dwarf in the area.

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