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HordeNPC 32Cryomancer Jan'diyah
Jandiyah 55
Title <Junior Agent of the Scyers>
Gender Female
Race Jungle troll
Character class Mage
Position Engineer, aspiring Techno Mage
Location Murder Row, Silvermoon, primary residence
Status Alive
Relative(s) Yeril'jaa, father

Jan'diyah Edit

Jan'diyah is the estranged daughter of a mildly successful fish dealer, Yeril'jaa the Fishmonger. She is young and bold and really only cares about her skills in magic and their advancement now. Jan, a name only her father would call her nowadays being that no one else really knows her well enough, is well learned through her studies.

She reads and writes common and orcish very well, picking up the former at an early age from Goblin traders that often made stops in the Broken Isles. Jan can often have a bad temper if she is pushed too far and does not share her fathers calm demeanor. She is not unfriendly however. She is loyal to Thrall's Orcs, seeing them as saviors of her tribe. Once, almost by default this binded her loyalites with the rest of the Horde as well. Older and wiser now, the lines have somewhat blurred.

At first she knew little other than what she read and was told about the Alliance races themselves and one might say it is her aforementioned boldness that drove her to commit, when ready, to serve in Warsong and even the Arathi Basin without question. However, her tutelage under a human magi has slowly but surely eroded that young and ignorant side of her. Things in this wild world are not so black and white to her anymore.

Appearance Edit

  • Age: Early Twenties
  • Height: around 6'8 ft.
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin Color: Green-Blue, typical for any Darkspear Troll

Jan'diyah is a very tidy and kempt one. She is meticulous about her magic and those items that go along with it. Her skill in these magics has also helped her proficiency in engineering which she first picked up as a hobby of sorts in Undercity. Now an aspiring Techno Mage she also works hard to hone her skills in engineering. Along with her typical mage gear you can offten see her with items showing her second trade; goggles, bombs and maybe even an explosive sheep up her sleeve. As of late she has forgone the traditional robes of her station and has taken up enchanted garb more suited for smelting and tinkering - of course she still has mage robes on hand.

History Edit

The relationship between her and her father as been strained since coming to the mainland after th exodus of the Darkspear Trolls. Her mother and two brothers died in the murloc attack on Yojaam'jin, a small Darkspear Village of which her father was once one of the Elder Hunters. Not only does seeing her father bring back unwanted memories but she sometimes is even resign to blame him for their deaths. It is these feelings that drove the two in seperate directions, her going north to Orgrimmar, when it was still just being built.

In Orgrimmar she continuted her studies. Eventually the Horde accepted new allies, the Forsaken. As this new alliance grew more and more, masterful undead mages trickled into the city to aid her kin in training - she would go from a troll mystic to a fledgling mage as her race became more aquainted with magic. It was at this time she slowly picked up on the history of mages in the Eastern Kingdoms. Learning that many a powerful mage had been bred out of the human race she decided to surround herself with the next best thing - her undead allies. Only a few months from the time the Forsaken first allied with the Horde, Jan'diyah found herself aboard a goblin zeppelin crossing the vast ocean.

In the Undercity, being among the first trolls to set foot within, she was not immediately welcomed. These undead had once been human - humans that had once fought a great war with her cousins, the Forest Trolls. However, the sentiments seemed to fade quickly as the Forsaken began to accept the other Horde Races. Though the thought may never have crossed her mind, the young mage was standing at the brink of a new era for the Horde and for the whole of Azeroth. In her training she had had a handful of teachers off and on it was here in the Undercity however that Jan found her first one on one apprenticeship. Unfortunately it was with the grim Mage trainer, Anastasia Hartwell and lasted far too many years than the troll cared for.

While in Undercity Jan'diyah had learned quite a bit about the Eastern Kingdoms and even came into contact with Kirin Tor with the work she was sent to do in Silverpine Forest. She learned of their affinity for magic but she also came upon yet another magicaly inclined race, the High Elves, most of which now call themselves Blood Elves. Her search for arcane mastery would next send her into a realm not long ago revaged by the scourge.

The Sour Taste of Silvermoon Edit

It brought her great joy that the Blood Elves opened their gates, however reluctantly, to the Horde. The way to their legendary city, Silvermoon, was now for the taking. Her tutor however kept her for almost a full year longer. Finally given leave, Jan'diyah made her way to the Elven city - with one catch however, she was on her own to find a new apprenticeship - Hartwell did not even bother to give her any recommendation.

This proved to be harder than she first thought. The Elves of Quel'thalas seemed to harbor even more contempt for her than the Forsaken once did. The few proud elven mages she had approuched thus far simply scoffed at her. Jan'diyah even went south to the Ghostlands to help with the cause of Tranquillien, hoping her good deeds would earn her some repect and perhaps that teacher she so coveted.

Jan still holds a modest room in Murder Row - the only place she could afford though she swears the owners in other quarters simply raised their prices to keep her out. Eitherway it beats the dismal lighting and moats of bile you find in the Undercity. Reading numerous tomes within the walls of the magical city she resigned herself to focus on the magics of the frost branch. Her inspiration were actually powerful mages, human and elf alike, she read about who - frost being the branch of choice for most Kirin Tor and High Elves before the scourging. It was a defensive magic more so than fire and her cross over was hard at first, as it seemed to conflict with the fire within her blood, within all trolls blood, the beserker. Long ago she had locked it down, all her wits were needed for her magics yet the fire magic atleast fed the lust at times, now she used willpower alone.

Her stay in Silvermoon for the time would end with a simply quest. She recieved a task from a pompus elven trainer on orders to travel to Kalimdor, she did not look forward of going back. Jan did not realize at that point it was the best thing he could have done for her even if he only sent the troll because no other elven apprentices wanted to go. The destination was Duskwallow Marsh which she thought was only slighlty better than the Froskaen moats in Undercity she had once lived around. It had endless swamps of crocklisk infested waters. Her seeking of a personal elven tutor had been cut short and the young mage was tasked to jounrey to the Marsh and speak with one who simply went by Tabetha about crafting a wand. Little more than a hermit at first glance upon further investigation the troll could feel the intense flows of magic coalescing about the seemigly middle aged woman deep within the bowels of the marsh.

Apprenticeship Found Edit

Tabetha sent the mage out into the world, far away from the cities Jan'diyah usually took to studying within. But this was no simple lesson from a mage trainer - the first set took the troll mage to the Arathi Highlands than deep into the Scarlet Monastary's Library. Gaining the items Tabetha had sent her out for, Jan'diyah was rewarded with a frost imbued wand to bolster her abilitites with ice magic. But the greatest reward followed when the magically inclinded hermit spoke next, her words laced with arcane power:

"You seek a tutor amoung the Sin'dorei, Jan'diyah, but yet you have one before you who could fill the role of teacher, no less powerful than any elf... if you so choose to accept the opportunity."

And in that very moment, only for a heartbeat, Tabetha seemed to be someone else. Jan thought she saw a mighty archmage before her, flowing robes of violet and gold, her eyes ablaze with magic. So intense was the sight that Jan'diyah was compeled to kneel. And than, as quick as a fireblast, once again a modestly garbed human stood before her looking stoicly down at her tusked faced.

"I accept," she managed to say as the awe dissapated and the words set in. The troll had found her tutor in the most unexpected place far from the ivory towers of Silvermoon City.

Her apprenticeship to Tabetha progressed greatly and her tutor has deemed her a full-fledged magi in light of the troll rounding out her mastery of the Frost Tree and summoning her first water elemental. Tabetha's hands on approach to learning rather than sticking Jan behind a pile of books has been very inspiring, sending Jan from one end of the globe to the other. In her time serving Tabetha, the troll has was the eyes and ears of the old sage especially in the Eastern Kingdoms, more specifically Silvermoon - a place of interest for any magic user. She has also been able to "recover" various magical items the magically inclinded hermit desired.

Soon to would be time to move on to Outland and bid farewell to her esteemed teacher however. The two planned to stay in contact as much as possible, but Tabetha deemed Jan had repayed her teaching simply by obtaining some of the items she asked for and no longer would the troll need to serve her as an agent.

Recently Edit

An Overdue ReunionEdit

Another interesting event is that Jan'diyah has recently had contact with her father. She credits a priestly friend of hers as giving her the confidence and drive to see Yeril'jaa after over seven years of which they've only shared a few letters. The young troll magi was not unhappy to see him as awkward as it was. Her father than mentioned the Brightleaf Brigade and seeing as she was not affiliated with any other guild type organization invited her to run with them. She has reluctantly excepted, better to have friends in her travels than noone at all and of course they cold alway use a mage of her skill.

Coincidentally, Yeri's goblin friend Fizzlo, who took care of engineering supplies for Longtusk Fish Co., happened to blow his arm off along with half of his workshop. The angler troll, hearing his daughter was an avid engineer as well, alluded to perhaps Jan'diyah working for him on the side - her studies of magic coming first of course.

Don't worry about Fizzlo however. A healer was not far off, though the limb could not be reattached as it was in a dozen pieces scattered in the sands of Ratchet, he survived. He is now, much to his disdain, working with a gnome to craft a replacement arm.

The full story of Yeril'jaa and Jan'diyah's first meeting can be found here: An Overdue Reunion

Through the Dark Portal Edit

Finally Jan'diyah was powerful enough to step through the interplanetary gate. On the other side the magi would begin the true test of her mettle. The very same troll priest who persuaded her to speak to her father preceded her in Outland by many seasons. His clan, one of much influence, arranged for her to mentor under none other than Voren'thal the Seer himself. Jan was quite honored yet she still needed to prove herself in Hellfire and beyond before the Seer and his compatriots had any real tasks for her.

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