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A Description of Ferael Edit

Name: Ferael (Fair-Ee-El) Shadowstep, or Fer (to her friends)

Race: Kaldorei

Age: 18 - Extremely young Kaldorei.

Home Server: Server:Sisters of Elune

Class: Rogue (Combat Spec)

Occupation: Fighting alongside Lyan and general peacekeeper and Merry-Maker

Professions: Herbology and Alchemy.

Guild: Amazons of Stranglethorn

General Description: Ferael is an easy going person who despite being estranged from her mother and father has found a very close knit family in those she chooses to call her friends. Though it seems misfortune seems to follow her closely, she's found that having the company of friends keeps her sane. Recently she's been rather shy and nervous around new people, but once she begins to trust them she offers her unfailing friendship and loyalty.

Physical Description: Slightly shorter then normal Kaldorei, Ferael is still quite a bit taller then the humans she finds herself in the company of most often. In her final few years of development she grew quite quickly and is thusly quite gangly, to the point in which at times she can be considered clumsy if she's not paying attention to her movement. Ferael has a pale skin color, as well a virtually white hair which she keeps in a rather offhanded manner, only cutting it when it gets in the way.

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