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A clan founded by Seritt, a great hunter who was going along with Thrall and other members of the Horde for Kalimdor. But his boat was caught by a storm and came to Kezan along the others who were in the boat.

This clan has 74 Orcs, 81 Ogres, 17 Half-ogres and 8 Forest trolls.

Members Edit


Moshap, the Warlord of the clan


Ablamon, a skilled warlock


Piref, a powerful warrior

  • IconSmall Orc Male Seritt(deceased)
  • IconSmall Mag'har Male Grok'Vallha <Beastmaster>
  • IconSmall Ogre Female Mashut (deceased)
  • IconSmall Orc Male Bak'lil
  • IconSmall Ogre Male Moshap <Warlord>
  • IconSmall Ogre Mage Ablamon <The Summoner>
  • IconSmall Ogre Mage2 Piref <Ogre Champion>
  • IconSmall ForestTroll Male Zumba <The Barbarian>

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