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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Shifting DreamsEdit

“Sister, why do you shun us?” Bear’s voice was strong yet soothing, and Cedia sighed in her sleep and turned over.

“It’s not working,” mused Cat, her tone almost as sharp as her claws as she poked the sleeping Druid, said claws retracted so as not to cause any wounds.

The young Kaldorei sat up quickly then, shaking her head and blinking awake, her eyes then growing wide as she realized that the two spirits before her were no longer part of her dream. “Wha…?” came the confused grunt from the girl’s mouth.

Bear gave Cat an authoritarian glance, and he cleared his throat. “We have taught you the strength of our forms, yet you shun us.” He sat back on his massive haunches, yet still he towered above the elf’s bed. “We want to know why, as it saddens us.”

Cat rolled her eyes at Bear’s melodrama. “We’ve heard you say that ‘animals are dirty’. Quite frankly, we’re insulted.”

“But they are!” Cedia cried out. “They eat poop!”

Bear and Cat turned to look at each other, and simultaneously shook their heads. Cat’s ears flattened, and Bear quickly responded. “Have you forgotten my words in the Moonglade, young one? I sought to teach you strength of body and strength of heart, that come from the drawing upon my spirit. We are not physical animals, we are simply the embodiment of the powers they possess. When you take our forms, you are granted the same abilities.”

“Unless you eat poop,” Cat replied sarcastically. Bear glanced at his spirit companion, and her ears flattened again.

Cedia had backed up and was now curled against the headboard, bright eyes peeking out in the darkness from under a leaf-green mop of unwashed hair.

Bear gingerly placed his enormous paw upon Cedia’s shoulder, and the girl relaxed a bit. “Child, we ask that you use our gifts, and practice shifting from one form to the next. It is the only way to reach your full potential.”

“But… but…! Loreas is in animal form all the time and he stinks! And he never washes and… and… he has blood all over him.” Despite Bear’s comforting, Cedia was still clearly upset, and unconvinced.

Cat sighed and began to menacingly pace around the room. Cedia merely squeezed her knees closer to her chest.

Bear lowered his face so that their noses touched, his great yellow eyes staring into hers. The girl was transfixed. “You are not your cousin,” he whispered. “You can be so much more than you are. And you *will* find your father.”

Cedia gasped as both spirits began to lose shape and dissolve into the mists. The next moment, she found herself sitting up in bed, dawn’s light shimmering through the windows. She wondered if it had all been another dream, and then she heard Bear’s voice.

“Heed our advice.”

Leaping from the bed, the girl quickly dressed and set out for Darnassus to speak with Mathrengyl Bearwalker, heedless of passersby who stared at the girl with the shirt on backwards and one boot missing.

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