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This article is a player character biography page The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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HordeNPC 32Edgeworth von Karma
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Character class Arms warrior
Affiliation Horde, Pandaren, Airiph
Position Friend of Airiph
Location Nomadic
Relative(s) Mercenary Council (He thinks it belongs to Varedis...)
Alignment Lawful good

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

His past Edit

Edgeworth von Karma was once a champion of prosecuting lawyers in Lordaeron who was also trained in the arts of a warrior. Before the Scourge came, he was the best Mortal Striker in all the land. When the Scourge came, he fought them, only losing to Arthas...

Forsaken: The good "life" Edit

Edgeworth woke up in Deathknell to find that he had become an undead. Later, he realized he still had control of his body functions, much to his surprise. The Scarlet Crusade tried to capture him, but they failed terribly.

Edgeworth escaped and ran to Brill, where he met Sylvanas Windrunner. He was told that the Forsaken were part of the Horde, and that he was free to do as he was told to do instead of being a slave to a crazy insane block of ice in armor. He was given a skeleton horse and a note from the blood elves of Silvermoon City, and was told to deliver it to Thrall in Orgrimmar all the way on the other side of the coast. And he did. Thrall rewarded him with High Overlord Saurfang challenging Edgeworth to a battle. After long hours of Mortal Striking from both sides, the result was a draw.

Tired, Edgeworth went to Thunder Bluff to seek out Cairne Bloodhoof as per Thrall's instructions, and was given a series of what-appeared-to-be library books that the Grimtotem didn't return. Edgeworth handled that after being chased by centaur. Lots of Kolkar centaur who thought they were Spartans. He met a pandaren brewmaster named Mojo Stormstout at the entrance of Thunder Bluff. They both became friends. Edgeworth went to Cairne Bloodhoof and turned in the library books, albeit these books had to go to Theramore and that Thrall's instructions got mixed up no thanks to the Grimtotem tribe.

So, Edgeworth was near Dustwallow Marsh when over 9000 Bael Modan dwarves came to attack. All of them fell to Edgeworth's Mortal Strike. He ran to Theramore, eluding the guards and giving the library books to Jaina Proudmoore, all the while putting on a good show for Proudmoore as he managed to make all the guards look like clowns.

Running back to Thunder Bluff, he met Mojo again. The pandaren brewmaster gave Edgeworth the chance of his life: he could go to Pandaria with Chen. Edgeworth accepted. He went and got a medal for best crime-solver ever, even though the pandaren didn't care that he was a Forsaken.

He met Airiph at one point in time. There are two stories, both different in how Airiph and Edgeworth met. Both have a likely chance of coming true.

  • Edgeworth's Story: Edgeworth met Airiph in Dustwallow Marsh when he heard of recent Grimtotem settlements. He was ambushed by Stonemaul ogres and held on trial for alledgedly attempting to assassinate Thrall (and gambling in Orgrimmar). Edgeworth helped defend Airiph in the trial, which took place in Theramore. The result was "Not Guilty", as Airiph has never gambled in his entire life anyway. Later, Airiph plans a Naxxramas raid, which Edgeworth gleefully accepts, wanting to prove himself. Edgeworth ends up tanking, but does so well his DKP meter went from 1 to 300. With his DKP, he got The Face of Death. Airiph enjoyed raiding with Edgeworth, so they went to all sorts of raids, such as Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. There, the Mortal Strike worked for Edgeworth there, and he got the entire Wrath set minus the helm, which belonged to Lady Prestor according to hunters who were tracking dragons. Edgeworth challenged Prestor to a duel in Stormwind City and won, also having the Helm of Wrath.
  • Airiph's Story: In the Western Plaguelands, Airiph was fighting a lot of Scourge, biting off more than he could chew. Edgeworth, realizing it would be impossible for Airiph to survive as he was fighitng 12 Scourge Elites, helped, much to Airiph's dismay. Airiph, desperate for strong tanks, reluctantly chose Edgeworth to be the main tank of his motley crew. They tested Edgeworth's good side (as would anyone who didn't trust Forsaken) by taking him to Naxxramas, where Edgeworth had obtained better equipment. They eventually took him to Blackwing Lair and Molten Core. Then Edgeworth countered hunters who were tracking dragonkin in Stormwind via dueling Lady Prestor. He won.

A blacksmith helped Edgeworth create Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

Edgeworth went to Silvermoon City and resided there for a period of time. He met Varedis. Varedis and Edgeworth got along rather well, and they both shared their life stories. After the mentioning of Airiph, Varedis gave Edgeworth a quest to find his long-lost brother Nairb. Edgeworth did as he was instructed to. This didn't cause much trouble, except Nairb and Edgeworth were in Stranglethorn Vale and thus Alliance chatter was going on. They helped each other find a ship in Booty Bay with Airiph's name written on it. It wasn't until then that Edgeworth joined Airiph's crew of gladiators and pirates.

Edgeworth is with Airiph and Nairb in the HMS Scourgeslayer.

Why is Edgeworth Lawful Good? Edit

Edgeworth von Karma was a champion of prosecuting lawyers in Lordaeron before he became undead. He thus follows the law. Edgeworth is a good guy because many Forsaken are either good or evil, and the path of evil is almost always shunned by many others. Also, his heroic nature is tested oh so often in court and in raids with Nairb's Mercenary Company.

Notable Techniques Edit

Exclusivities within Edgeworth's storyline Edit

  • Some pandaren join the Horde as a sign of thanks to Edgeworth's expert crime-solving skills. Additionally, Edgeworth hires some of them in the Mercenary Company but is aligned as a lawful good Hordie.
  • A rebel tribe within the naga manages to find its way into the Alliance, but they are suspicious of Lady Prestor...

Mindset Edit

  • Stormwind Humans - "They are very diverse. Some are racist snobs, but you can't help enjoying the tomfoolery a human can come up with. I don't think I've seen a Stormwind guard fall for so many not-hunter traps. Lady Prestor creeps me out, though. She won't stop glaring at people."
  • Ironforge Dwarves - "As long as they don't cause trouble in Bael Modan for my allies, I'll be okay. They're formidable foes, though, so I have to be careful."
  • Gnomes - "Some of the most brilliant minds. At times, though, you lost patience and get the impulse to punt them. Of course, that seldom happens to me."
  • Night elves - "If I hear another night-elf belly-aching about the Warsong Outriders, I'll lose my mind. These guys just won't stop whining about nature. They get on my nerves alot."
  • Draenei - "They're okay. I'm not a lightslayer, after all."
  • Orcs - "While not necessarily the brightest crayons in the box, they are a very kind people."
  • Darkspear Trolls - "These guys represent raw power. The move you."
  • Tauren - "My appetite would go for a good hamburger right now, but I wait for the Grimtotem to send their bold soldiers against Cairne Bloodhoof."
  • Forsaken - "Some of my old colleagues became undead, just like me. It's only too bad that some of them tragically became Scourge. And why am I not trusted when in reality I am better than Hogger?"
  • Blood Elves - "Varedis was a waiter at a cocktail bar. That much is true. Now the rest of them are divided into separate segments of blood elves. Don't you want me, Kael'thas?"
  • Furbolgs - "I wonder if a tribe joined the Alliance, because some of their guys have insignias. However, not everyone wears them because they're cowards."
  • Tuskarr - "I have new friends! I gotta get a fishing rod, though..."
  • Ogres - "Besides the Stonemaul who were forced to join a la Rexxar, I think these guys would be perfect for the Alliance, as they have strength, some discipline, and they have a monarchy. Of course, that's entirely up to King Anduin Wrynn."
  • Pandaren - "I've met many brewmasters who respect the Horde. I haven't seen a single one go to the Alliance at all. In fact, many of the brewmasters I've met dislike the Alliance greatly."
  • Quillboar - "The Scourge deluded these bastards. Now I have something to eat besides beef."
  • Naga - "I'm not too fond of them. Instead of whining about nature like their night elven brethren, they whine about mana and water. Only naga I can tolerate would be User:Garm/Wraithguard, who is only tolerable because he is a friend of Varedis."

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