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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


So FarEdit

The last decades have been devastating for Azeroth. First, the Horde. Then, the Scourge and the return of the Burning Legion. Then, several years of atrition with several enemies, including Hakkar, Ragnaros, C'Thun and others. After that, the War in Outland. Afterwards, the War on Northrend. As if that werent enough, Deathwing returns! But the Alliance and the Horde have prevailed throughout all of these horrors.

But not without a price.

The world's geography has been severely altered, forever. The two great dominant mortal factions are in bad shape, as most life on Azeroth. And they still fight each other with a burning hatred.

But that is about to change. For the Burning Legion has returned.

A dark object has appered on the Azerothian sky. A third moon, that joins the other two in its orbiting of Azeroth. It strikes out from the others since its quite large and dark. But the denizens of Azeroth soon find the truth: its Argus. Its dark color is due to the covering of the planet in demonic fortifications and fel smoke clouds. Having turned the planet into a giant ship, the Burning Legion, led by Sargeras, having finally recovered from his defeat, wants to finally purge all life on Azeroth, and this time there's no need for portals.

New WeaponsEdit

Dimensional ShipsEdit

The Legion's fleet of dimensional ships allow it to strike wherever they want on the world, and a new war on the demon army begins. With the Gnomes and Goblins creating their own fleet of ships, the heroes on Azeroth must not only defend their home, but fight the demons in their own home.

Orbital Bombardement WeaponsEdit

These allow the Legion to devastate any place they want from beyond Azeroth, far from reach of attack, except for missles and powerful magic.


Also called Cursed, Hybrids and Chosen, the Alliance and Horde main term for them is Metas. Once regular mortals, they've been victims of the new biological weapon of the Legion, secretly developed and tested by the Shadow Council on captured individuals and on its own members. The Plague of Undeath was meant to kill and reanimate. Whatever is used this time doesn't kill, it transforms. It leads to a drastic mutation in the victim's genetic material, causing the individual to change into a new organism. Its found that such mutation is caused by a virus, dubbed DEV - Dark Evolution Virus. The Metas are hard to detect, since they retain their apperance, but they have extremely increased strenght, speed and regeneration. They can transform into a Demon-like form that increases their powers even more. They cannot be killed by most ways. Regular blades and bullets dont penetrate their skin, or if it does doesnt go very deep. Magic weapons can hurted them badly, but Metas only die if their Head, Heart or Lungs are destroyed, as they will recover totally and quickly from any other injury. Immunity to poison and disease is also gained, as well as a pack-like behaviour: Metas operate in telepaticly-linked packs, with each Pack having a especific name. The Metas number is small compared to the rest of the Legion, which is a good thing. But even a small army of Metas cannot be stopped unless by particulary powerful beings, as they are far superior to both mortals and demons in almost every way. The Metas are so powerful that, werent for the telepatic enslavement link to the Legion, they could easily destroy it in their own. If the Shadow Council Metas are all killed, the link to the legion would be broken and they would regain free will again, which is a weak spot in this new threat. The creation of the Metas was inspired by studying the effects of mortal/demon hybridization on captured demon hunters and felblood elves, that are basicly half-mortal half-demon beings.


  • New world: Argus, with several new zones to explore.
  • Level range: 85-100.

More coming soon

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