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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Just my idea of the Lich King final encounter in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack. The fight could take place in top of icecrown Citadel, in a terrace in front of the Frozen Throne. The fight could be similar to the Kael'Thas encounter (Tempest Keep). You face the Scourge high council, then against the Lich King himself.


Throughout the whole battle, various kinds of non-elite Scourge troops will respawn at a portal near the ice wall.

Phase 1Edit

The Lich King sends his high council to get ride of the intruders and creates a ice wall that prevents you from running out of the area until you are all dead or the Lich King is destroyed:

  • High Necromancer Beira (female human spellcaster): uses Shadow Bolt and raises skeletons from fallen comrades.
  • Crypt Prince Anub'tarok (nerubian rogue): nets players and uses poison attacks.
  • Death Cavalier Crispin (heavy-melee male human death knight): has a powerful melee strike and charges

The Lich King casts the following abilities during the whole encounter:

Spell shadow animatedead Raise Dead: if a raid member dies during the whole encounter, the player is resurected by the Lich King and receives the Servant of the Lich King debuff. The affilicted player is MC'ed and gets 2000% stamina, 100% attack/casting speed and causes 50% more damage. While undead, the player can be shackled/trapped/turned/killed and stuff. The player receives the Ruined Corpse debuff when killed that prevents them from resurecting and releasing for 2 minutes.

Spell shadow deathcoil Death Coil: shadowbolt ability. Can be used to damage a random player or heal an undead player by the same amount.

Phase 2 starts a few seconds after the advisors are killed.

Phase 2Edit

The Lich King himself attacks you. He has a slow but nasty melee hit and berserks after 15 minutes.

Ability warrior cleave Cleave: causes a big amount of damage splited between all melee targets in front of him.

Ability criticalstrike Shatterring Slice: reduces the target's maximum's health by 60%. Similar to Illidan's Shear. Can be blocked/parried/dodged.

Spell shadow darkritual Curse of Frostmourne: each succesful melee strike has a chance of causing a non-resistable, non-dispelleble shadow-based DoT effect that lasts 10 seconds.

Spell shadow sealofkings Death Zone: creates a small black circle area under the target with highest agrro, similar to Netherspite's void circles. They deal massive shadow damage every sec and stay up of 10 seconds.

At 85%, Phase 3 starts.

Phase 3Edit

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner appears on top of the ice wall at the entrance and shoots arrows at the Lich King, causing no threat. The arrows hit hard but do not make that a difference.

The Lich King gains new abilities:

Spell shadow psychicscream Terror: fears a random player for 10 seconds and places a bad DoT. Damage can be resisted and debuff can be dispelled. The Lich King does this every few seconds.

Spell shadow siphonmana Soul Flay: 3-second channeling spell. Causes an amount of shadow damage per second and reduces movement/attack/casting speed.

At 60%, Phase 4 starts.

Phase 4Edit

Jaina Proudmoore appears on top of the ice wall at the entrance and aids the raid in the fight, casting powerful spells and gives all nearby players the Brilliance Aura buff, that increases intellect and mana regeneration by a VERY small amount. Note that Jaina causes no agrro and the spells, thought strong, dont make much difference.

The Lich King gains a new ability:

Spell shadow deathanddecay Dead Scar: 5-second cast aoe spell targeted at a random area. The spell is centered at a random raid member. The afficted area turns black and deals a huge amount of shadow damage every second, capable of killing any player in the first 2-5 ticks. The scar will have a 7 yards effect and moves across the area. The black area leaved behind deal less shadow damage over time until it stops and returns to normal (lasts 10 seconds)

At 50%, Phase 5 starts.

Phase 5Edit

The spirits of Uther the Lightbringer and Muradin Bronzebeard appears and start attacking the Lich King with powerul melee strikes. Like Jaina and Sylvanas, they cause no agrro.

The Lich King gains the following ability:

Spell frost frostbrandWrath of the Lich King: an 7-second cast 20 yards AoE that hits with a fatal amount of non-resistable frost damage.

The Dead Scar attack creates two scar effects instead of one.

At 30%, Phase 6 begins.

Phase 6Edit

Spell shadow unholyfrenzyEnrage: 25% damage and attack/casting speed increase; and uses his abilities in very short cooldowns, and the Dead Scar spell creates three scar effects instead of one. This effect lasts the rest of the fight.

This phase ends as the Lich King is destroyed once and for all! Gratz!


  • Raise Dead: You are now my servant!
  • Death Coil: Flee in terror!
  • Froststorm: Freeze, and die!
  • Wrath of the Lich King: Face my wrath, vermin!
  • Berserk: That's it! I had it! Die!

Phase 1Edit

  • When players enter the area: So you made it. Now you die! Attack, my advisors!
  • When advisors are killed: Impressive, but the battle hasn't even begun!

Phase 3Edit

  • Sylvanas (when she appears): You are not alone! The Forsaken shall help you destroy the Lich King!
  • The king's response to Sylvanas: Sylvanas! I was looking forward for this day! I'll show you not to disobey your king!

Phase 4Edit

  • Jaina (when she enters): Today you meet your demise, Arthas!
  • The king's response to Jaina: Interesting, though you didn't had the guts to come here!

Phase 5Edit

  • Uther appears: Arthas! Today you pay for your crimes! Prepare to meet your demise!
  • Muradin comes right after: Lads! Save some for me!
  • The king's response to those two: Not even in death I get rid of you!

Phase 6Edit

  • Lich King: No! I will not go down like this! Die!


  • Jaina: It is done!
  • Sylvanas: You are finished!
  • Lich King: <gasping sounds, almost falls into the floor; tries to get himself back up, but goes down while his body vaporizes; Frostmourne and his armor falls into the ground>
  • You receive an emote: A vacuum of energy fills the citadel, and you hear the sounds of thousands of undead awaking from their undeath state. You know that you succeded. The Scourge is over...
  • Jaina: We did it. The Scourge has been destroyed. It is over.
  • Muradin: Lads, your bravery was unmatched today. You stood against Death itself, and made it through. Grats!
  • Uther: Yes, for what you've done, there's nothing that can be done to reward you.
  • Sylvanas: Nice work, all. Now, I must go. These undead need help and guidance. And who better to do so than the Forsaken?
  • Jaina: Good luck in your quest Sylvanas, and many thanks to you heroes. Today, a new age starts in all Azeroth. Farewell.

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