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This is my idea for the next xpac, Rebirth of the Cataclysm. it is a work in progress.

Story: Many millennia ago the Kal'dorei, or night elves lived on the edge of a magical sea called the Well of Eternity. It's wondrous arcane energies evolved them from their primitive forms and they plumbed its deepest secrets, eager to learn more about it. Queen Azshara, queen of the elves was devoted to it and she and the "Highborne", her handpicked group of elite elves studied it ceaselessly, harnessing its powers and using them to build a vast civilization. But it came with a cost. The magical energy attracted Sargeras the destroyer to Azeroth. Unable to enter it, he waited in the great dark on the fringes of its dimension and send a projection of himself to Azshara, telling her to use the well of eternity as a portal to let him and his burning legion of demons enter Azeroth, and that he would grant her unimaginable power if she did as he said. She got to work at once, seeing Sargeras as a god, and ordered all the Highborne to help. But therest of the night elves were against the decision and made their way to the well to stop their higher cast brethren. But already demons were pouring out of the makeshift portal, ravaging ancient Kalimdor. The night elves called upon the demigod Cenarius an his woodfolk as well as many other deities, including the five dragonflights. But Neltharion the leader of the black dragons was driven insane during the events of the war and it was nearing the time Sargeras himself would be ready to enter through the portal. Eventually the Night Elves decided that destroying the well was their last chance, and in a great battle managed to achieve their goal. The well of Eternity was destroyed, but the force of the destruction shattered Azeroth's single continent of Kalimdor, into three, with many small islands. Around eighty percent of Azeroths land-mass was obliterated with the event that would become known as the Sundering, or the Cataclysm. Azshara and her Highborne, survived, but were twisted by unknown forces into the naga. Now she's return with new power to attack Azeroth once again.

New races: Many races are troubled by the armies of Ashara. while most are just factions there's a new race in town.

Goblins: Affiliation: neutral

Lore: The goblins of Undermine have always been neutral, crafting for both Horde and Alliance. Now players can become Goblin mercenaries, that have been enlisted to the armies of the Horde and Alliance to prevent Azshara overtaking Azeroth. Some mercenaries have agreed to permanent dedication to their chosen side, and in return the races the Horde and Alliance will aid the Goblins in retaking the parts of their homeland, Kezan that have come under siege.

Being Neutral: Being a Neutral race means that when you start your character you have no faction, and at level 10, must choose to become part of the Horde or Alliance through an epic quest chain that will take you up to level 20. Only Goblins can be Neutral.


.Warriors: Goblins may be small, but they are tough enough to stand up for themselves. They make great tacticians as well and can use gizmo's in battle.

.Mage: Goblins are a curious race and see magic as a type of science. Their not sure what type of science, but they know it's good for fighting and making money.

.Warlock: Though somewhat frowned upon, Warlocks are more accepted in Goblin society than the societies of their friends in the Horde. Goblin warlocks are often after power, but some are just extra curious mages: Seeing how fel is different from arcane.

. Rogues: Goblins are not to be trusted with someone else money.. ever. Goblin bankers must go through the strictest self-restraint training to do what they do so a Goblin rouge, who trains to steal, is a force to be reckoned with. They are also well trained in combat so watch out.

. Shaman: Goblins aren't really shamanistic but they're close with the Horde and some have started trying it out. They're a new thing in Goblin society but they aim big.

. Death knight: All races can be corrupted, and goblins get corrupted by money so necromancy isn't going to have much trouble.

City: Undermine

The Goblin Capital is Undermine, an underground city located beneath the isle of Kezan. It stretches underneath a good portion of the island and can be entered via various tunnels. However the main entrance is a small town called Topside which features a lift into the city center. As well as being the Goblin home city it is also a haven for both Alliance and Horde. It's bustling with trade and commerce, especially in the Commercipolis, the center of the city. In the Tinker halls experiments both magical and technological take place and it is here that Hobgoblins are made. In the Backtunnels the shadier residents live. Warlocks and rogues and emissaries from the Ebon blade. Deeptown is also near there. It's an underwater town, used merely as an experiment. Undermine has mainly Goblin architecture, but also stuff from other cultures as many races can be found her. The Goblins have adapted Orc architecture for underground purposes in many places. In the Trade Princes court, the many Goblin trade prince meet. Here resides the Goblin King, Thelgiblo Joltblade.

      Ok, I think that this is nice, but what about Pandaria? They have more lore with the Night Elves, and the goblins have already tried to enter a faction, but decided it was too unprofitable and went back to being neutral. Personally, I believe that you should read some more lore and try at this again. Battm7 (talk) 19:40, 8 July 2009 (UTC)battm7 (Danalthar, Horde Dawnbringer)

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