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Alliance 32 The Oasis Contingent
Name The Oasis Contingent
Server Ursin US
Leader Poni
Levels 1~70
Type Social
Accounts 150 +
Website The Oasis Contingent The Oasis Contingent @ Ursin

The Oasis Contingent is a roughly two year old guild that is devoted neither to PvE nor PvP, but rather to the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. The guild is named for Oasis, a popular Sluggy character who has been seen on and off since 1999. Like characters in the World of Warcraft, death is not a career ending injury for Oasis.

This guild was created in August 2005 by Thyla, then-assistant to Pete Abrams. The guild was officially sanctioned by Pete, who was for a time a member of the guild. When Thyla left Pete's employ as well as the World of Warcraft, The Oasis Contingent lost its official status and subdomain. The guild is currently run by Poni and Ceanotha, and remains unofficially the WoW Sluggite guild.

History Edit

The Oasis Contingent first formed on 23 August 2005.

Guild rules Edit

  1. Guild members do not "ding" when they level up; they poing. Members congratulate poings by saying "Nifty!" Failure to comply will result in being considered unnifty.
  2. Members of the Oasis Contingent traditionally roll low, and as such high rolling is just not nifty. Anyone who rolls a 100 is clearly far too unnifty and must immediately leave - or be removed from - the guild. On the other hand, rolling a 1 is considered an instant-win, unless game mechanics dictate otherwise. Most recently, this guild rule held true in Karazhan, when gear from the Chess Event was awarded to the Druid who rolled a 1.
  3. Stay good, Torg, stay good!

Officers Edit

Poni, Guildmaster
Ceanotha, Guildmistress
Chupala, Vent Administrator
Larna, Forum Administrator
Tyan, Member/Officer Relations, Forum Moderator
Stormbreaker, Intraguild Relations
Torgamous, Intraguild Relations
Wintersun, Australian Co-ordinator

Events Edit

TOC runs multiple events on a regular basis. On a weekly basis, the guild will have one or more Kara runs, depending on interest; a gear-up night; and "Fraptastic", an Arena night featuring the revolving-membership Arena Team pantaloni de emergenza. Various other Arena Teams with similar team names ["Emergency Pants" in various languages, with an "Emergancy Panties" planned for the near future] have sprung up for situations in which the team leader is unavailable or if there are insufficient numbers to fill a 5v5 team.

Also, roughly once a month or so, the guild holds a Retro Raid, invading one of several now largely unused pre-BC raid instances. Retro Raids usually do not draw sufficient numbers to tackle retro 40-man raids; instead, favorites have included Zul'gurub, the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and Onyxia's Lair. Recently, TOC has discovered that, however nifty the raid members may be, nine 70s are insufficient to the challenge of Molten Core. Briefly, members from TOC joined with Voìd and Homegirls in an attempt to tackle Naxxramas - a feat that has yet to be accomplished on Ursin. Unfortunately, this too drew insufficient numbers to make any significant progress. For now, Kel'thuzad remains safe on Ursin.

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