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Gillijim's Isle and Island of Doctor Lapidis in WoW comic
Gillijim's Isle and Island of Doctor Lapidis, possible Buccaneer starting zones

The Buccaneer is a hero class i imagined for my expansion pack idea Azshara's Rise.


A typical Buccaneer
Piracy, an utopic lifestyle for many and you are part of it! As one of Dr. Lapidis' or Gillijim's crew-members you begin your training as Buccaneer on the respective island. In a terrible seabattle between the two pirates your ship sinks and you wake up on a shore. Having forgot who, but not what you are, a young goblin finds you and send you to see your nation's leader to join it in battle!
  • Choice between two starting-zones (Gillijim's Isle or Island of Doctor Lapidis)


Wild Shore
Ships outside Booty Bay

Some of the Buccaneer's Stats:

Power ResourcesEdit

"Energy" and "Regenration"

The Buccaneer uses Energy as main power resource.

His "speciality" are what i call "Regeneration-Arrows" (RA)(a more appropiate name has still to be found). The arrows regulate the Buccaneer's Energy-regeneration, but they can be used differnently as well, they serve as instantanious Energy-Ressource (like Thistle Tea) and are similar to the Death knight's runes, as a ressource for powerfull attacks.

Inactive Arrow Arrow's Cooldown Arrows beeing inactive Regeneration Rate
None / 0 2 e/s
Red 32 sec 1 1 e/s
Dark Orange 16 sec 2 0.75 e/s
Orange 8 sec 3 0.5 e/s
Yellow 4 sec 4 0.25 e/s
Green 2 sec 5 (all of them) 0 e/s

The arrow's color plays no special role, but every arrow has it's own Cool-Down.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Piracy is the Range-DD Specialisation, similar to a hunter only without his pet, he also has several abilities to keep his enemys away.
The Mutiny-Buccaneer is the Melee-DD Specialisation, it is a hybrid between rogue and warrior, striking fast and strongly.
The Perseverance-Buccaneer is a Supporter and Healer, he has powerfull buffs and debuffs, he also has a few weak herbal/alchemist-heals.

Inv ammo bullet 03PiracyEdit

  • Ability golemstormboltLead Shot (15 Energy): The Pirate shoots his victim causing X damage and the same amount over 10 seconds.
  • Ability hunter displacementWave Bomb (20 Energy): You throw a bomb that kicks back everyone in the area (even yourself if you're in it) for 5 yards and additionally knoks everyone but you out for 2 seconds.

Ability warrior punishingblowMutinyEdit

  • Ability warrior weaponmasteryScimitar (15 Energy): Hits the enemy causing him to bleed (X damge every 3 seconds for 15), if the enemy is hit while the bleeding effect still affects him he will suffer the already lost damage instantly.
  • Ability backstabScrape (20 Energy): The enemy starts to bleed losing X HP over 10 seconds.
  • Inv crown 14Acid (35 Energy): For every bleeding effect on the target, Acid inflicts X damage.

Inv helmet 45PerseveranceEdit

  • Spell unused2 Parley (20 Energy): The targeted enemy and his nearby groupmembers cann't attac you for 3 seconds.
  • Inv mace 77 Refreshing Mixture (5 Energy): The Buccaneer gives his target a refreshing herbal mixture wich restores X HP, at first slowly, than faster and a the end of the effect slowly again.


I know that Buccaneers are not very likely to be healers, but as the Death knights also have tanking abilities, the new HeroClass should have healing abilities, i have thought, while doing this, of another class that could fit the "Great Sea" environment: the Monk.

To see my version of the Monk, please see Here.

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