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Thinking of a healing class to be the HeroClass for my Expansion Set Idea Azshara's Rise i came up with the monk. I want, somehow, base my Monk concept on Runemasters:

Runemasters are monk-like arcane spellcaster & melee fighters who empower themselves with magical energies by inscribing runes onto their bodies.

A Tauren Runemaster


The Monk is a Melee very light armored fighter, that also has acces to some Arcane and healing Spells.

His main attributes are: Agility, Spirit and Stamina. He only uses Cloth armor. He uses Staves, Polearms, Daggers, Fist weapons and Maces.

His Talent Trees are: Meditation (Healing), Martial Art (Melee) and Rune Mastery (Support/Casting)

Ley Power and RunesEdit

Rune patterns

The Monk extracts his energy from the ley lines accros Azeroth. To do so, he need a high amount of Spirit, the more he has, the more Ley Energy (basiclly the same thing as Mana) he has.

By using his Ley Energy, the Monk becomes stronger and more powerfull, activating his runes (the majority of his spells are runes). There are three kinds of runes: marks, glyphs and sigils. A mark is inscribed upon a creature, and each mark targets a single creature. A glyph is cast upon an object, and each glyph targets a single object. A sigil is placed upon an object or creature in order to create an effect in an area, with that object or creature at the center. Each sigil has an area that it affects.

  • Marks are buffs / debuffs depending on wich creature they are inscribed
  • Glyphs are weapon enchants
  • Sigils are runes used for aoe attacks / healing

So the runes become stronger depending on the Ley Energy the Monk has used so far, they reach theier climax when the Monk is out of Ley Energy.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

The Monk is obviously comparable to the Priest, he has a damage talent tree (even though it is based on Melee), a support tree (similar to Discipline, but more focused on damage) and eventualy the healing tree.

Ability warrior secondwind Martial ArtEdit

'Spell nature purge Runic Strike (X LE): You hit your enemy with a enchanted weapon, dealing

Inv misc rune 02 Rune MasteryEdit

  • Spell nature astralrecalMark:Earthen's Reach (X LE): The targeted enemy is affected by the "Earthen's Reach Rune, his movment speed is reduced by X % (depending on how much LE the Monk has left, max. 70).
  • Ability hunter disarmingshotGlyph:Crush (X LE): The targeted enemy's weapon is enchanted by the "Crushing Rune", his damage is increased by X (depending on LE).
  • Spell nature astralrecalgroupSigil:Earthen's Prison (X LE): The targeted enemy and every enemy in a 8 yard radius are unable to move for X seconds (depending on LE, max 4), the "Earthen's Reach Rune" on the target is consumed.

Spell holy fanaticism MeditationEdit


The Monk class has never been plannend by Blizzard and it would be very Priest-like, but i still think it would be a better HeroClass than the one i originally planned for my Expansion Set, the Buccaneer.

I based it a lot on the Runemaster, just adding the class' healing-aspect.

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