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AllianceNPC 32Dranedar Dath'anaar
Title < Private >
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Level 43
Character class Priestess of the Moon
Reaction Alliance Horde (Tauren)
Affiliation Sisters of Elune
Location Steamwheedle Port, Tanaris
Relative(s) Najeh Tase'Musha, Karindra Tase'Musha (cousins)

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Dranedar was born in a small village in the forest now know as Felwood, after the third war and the creation of Teldrassil she went to Darnassus to join the Sisters of Elune and was sent by Tyrande personally to the kingdom of Stormwind to study the church of the Holy Light.

In further travels she was sent to Stranglethorn Vale to gather more information about the Trolls and Voodoo. She now is in Tanaris where she trys to learn more about the Silithid and the Trolls.

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