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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

I always wanted my characters to learn Azeroth's languages and that's why i started making up quests to learn the languages.

In the first place I only want to allow the Alliance/Horde the languages of theier faction. And a few languages available to both...

Language SkillEdit

The quests in this Idea are separted into different groups, there are questlines that generally starts with level 35 that will give you the Artisan language rank around level 60, you will be able to read what people say, but there will be errors in the sentences, just like if you're drunk. Later on, with level 80, there will be another questline that will help you learn the language in a deeper aspect and your skill is going to increase, allowing you to read the sentences in a normal form.


Alliance 15AllianceEdit

The Alliance's primary language is Common.

Race Language Alphabet
Humans Common Common
Night elves Darnassian Darnassian
Dwarves Dwarven (Dwarvish) Runic
Gnomes Gnomish Common
Draenei Draenei Eredic (presumed)

Horde 15HordeEdit

The Horde's primary language is Orcish.

Race Language Alphabet
Orcs Orcish Common, Runic
Trolls Zandali (Troll) Unknown
Tauren Taur-ahe (Taurahe) Pictoforms
Undead Gutterspeak Common
Blood elves Thalassian Darnassian

Neutral 15OthersEdit

Generally, 'less' civilized races (kobolds, etc.) speak Low Common.

Race Language Alphabet
Lesser Races Low Common None
Arakkoa Ravenspeech
Demons Eredun (Demonic) Eredic
Goblins Goblin Common
Elementals Kalimag Runic
Half-elves Thalassian, Common Darnassian
High elves Thalassian Darnassian
Various Giant
Various Elven Darnassian
Dragons Draconic Runic
Naga Nazja Darnassian
Titans Titan Runic, Glyphs
Murlocs Nerglish (Murloc) Pictoforms
Makrura Nerglish Pictoforms
Furbolgs Ursine (Furbolg) Pictoforms
Gnolls Low or broken Common, Gnoll Pictoforms
Nerubians Nerubian Runic
Tuskarrs Tuskarr Pictoforms
Pandaren Pandaren Unknown
Giants Giant, Titan, Kalimag Unknown
Various Kalimdoran Unknown
Worgen Worgen Unknown
Unknown Undercommon Unknown
Various Abyssal Unknown
Qiraji Qiraji Unknown
Krenka Clan Centaur Krenkese Unknown
Water Elementals Aquan Unknown
Air Elementals Auran Unknown
Fire Elementals Ignan Unknown
Earth Elementals Terran Unknown


The learnable languages should be the following:

  • To members of the Alliance only:
  • Darnassian
  • Dwarven
  • Gnomish
  • Draenei
  • To Horde members only:
  • Zandali
  • Taur-ahe
  • Gutterspeak
  • Thalassian
  • To members of both factions:

Alliance 15DarnassianEdit

This questline starts once you hit level 35, you will find it in Darnassus. Herald Moonstalker is starting it. The questline's name is Kaldorei heritage. You will have to cross many parts of the once very large elven empire, Ashenvale, Desolace, Feralas, the Blackfathom Deeps and Maraudon, fight mighty enemys and eventually get Tyrande's blessing.

Alliance 15DwarvenEdit

Courier Hammerfall starts this questline called the earth's children. You will have to travel through Khaz Modan and Kalimdor to gather information. You're going to Uldaman, the Searing Gorge and Uldum! The Wildhammer clan will be involved as well.

Alliance 15GnomishEdit

Alliance 15DraeneiEdit

Magtoor leader of the Broken Exiles starts the questline Lost in Travel, which tells the Draenei's story. It will eventually lead you to Draenor. Since the Draenei are an alien race and there is nothing, or very few, to learn about them on Azeroth, the initial questline will give you an "Apprentice"-skill, and you will be able to enhance it in Outland.

Horde 15ZandaliEdit

As soon you reach Stranglethorn Vale, you will get Three Tribes, wich will send you to Stranglethorn at first, later on you'll go to Tanaris and the Hinterland.

Horde 15Taur-aheEdit

Horde 15GutterspeakEdit

Horde 15ThalassianEdit

Neutral 15GoblinEdit

Neutral 15UrsineEdit

Neutral 15TuskarrEdit

Neutral 15EredunEdit

Neutral 15KalimagEdit

Language 1° Quest Level-Range Language Mastery 2°Quest Level-Range Language Mastery
Darnassian 30-50 Expert (225) 70-80 Grand-Master (450)
Dwarven 40-60 Artisan (300) 70-80 Grand-Master (450)
Gnomish ~30 Apprentice (75) / /
Draenei 35-50 Expert (220) 60-70 Master (375)
Zandali 30-55 Artisan (300) 70-80 Grand-Master (450)
Taur-ahe 30-50 Expert (225) 70-80 Grand-Master (450)
Gutterspeak 25-45 Journeyman (150) 70-80 Grand-Master (450)
Thalassian 5-45 Expert (225) 70-80 Grandmaster (450)
Goblin 30-50 Expert (225) / /
Ursine 50-60 Apprentice (75) 70-80 Expert (225)
Tuskarr 70-80 Expert (225) / /
Eredun 50-60 Apprentice (75) 60-70 Master (375)
Kalimag 40-80 Expert (225) / /

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