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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Shattered Peace Arakkoa
Character classesMage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman
Racial capitalSketeliri
Racial leader(s)Peacebringer Irekk
Racial mountRaven/Owl
Primary language(s)Squakish
Average height6-8 feet (presumed)

History Edit

The Arakkoa, existing as long as anyone could tell, are one of the most wise races in Outland and Azeroth. Long ago, in the Arakkoa capital of Skettis, the Arakkoa lived in peace. After the destruction of Outland many had begun to go mad. Only few remained sane. The few that had control over their minds, called themselves the Shattered Peace. They often publicly spoke against the leader of the Arakkoa, Talon King Ikiss and eventually it led to their demise. Ikiss ordered that all of the Shattered Peace be executed.

The order led to a time known as the War of the Raven, a horrific civil war in which many died. After many long years of fighting, the Shattered Peace was nearly wiped out, but the Talon King's forces made a mistake. They had left a portion of the borders unguarded. With this advantage, the Shattered Peace rounded up all the ravens and owls they could get and fled. They had ran all the way to the Blade's Edge Mountains when the Talon King's forces gave up and went back to Skettis. In the mountain range, the Shattered Peace remained hidden for years.

Years later, Lord Kazzak opened the Dark Portal leaving a way to get into Azeroth. The Shattered Peace quickly gathered their supplies and went through the Dark Portal. They travelled through Azeroth until they reached Darkshire. The Night Watch led the Shattered Peace to Stormwind where they had a meeting with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. After the Shattered Peace told him their story, he offered them a spot in the Alliance. The leader of the Shattered Peace, Irekk, quickly accepted the offer.

The Shattered Peace then went to the Redridge mountains and discovered an island off the coast. They named it Teromell Isle after their owl god Terokk. They then built a mighty capital, their new home, Sketeliri. After the capital was constructed, the Shattered Peace found another island which they named Owlveil. On the island they found a mountain which looked like an owl's head. They later found it gave off magical energy. It wasn't long before the naga found them. They attacked their shore villages and drained their magic. The magic in the area also attracted the blood elves, which stole the magic of the Shattered Peace.

The Arakkoa of Skettis found out about the Shattered Peace's location and quickly sent troops to Azeroth. Led by General Clawisarl, the Arakkoa of Skettis attacked the islands. It wasn't long before the rest of the Alliance heard of the attack and went to defend the Shattered Peace. While most of the Skettis force was destroyed, survivors quickly set up camps throughout the islands.

As a member of the Shattered Peace, it is your job to defend your people from the many threats of the islands.

Arakkoa Racial Abilities Edit

  • Arcane Advantage - Arcane resistance increased by 10.
  • Bird Brain - Increases critical srike chance by 1%
  • Shroud of Feathers - Ability. When activated, increases dodge chance by 10%. Lasts 5 seconds. 5 minute cooldown.
  • Magical Intellect - Enchanting profession increased by 10.

Race, Faction and Reputation Edit

  • Starting Area - Teromell Isle. Named after the Arakkoa god, Terok, it is located off the coast of the Redridge Mountains.
  • Capital - Sketeliri. Named after Skettis, their once home.
  • 10-20 Area - Owlveil. Named after the mighty owl.
  • Reputation - The Arakkoa start off friendly with Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnassus, and Gnomeregan Exiles. They start off Neutral with the Exodar (The Arakkoa probably attacked the Draenei while they lived on Draenor).
  • Languages - Common and Squakish.

Mounts Edit

  • Racial Mount - Mutanted Giant Raven. Once proud ravens back on Draenor, when it became the Outlands they were mutated and lost the ability to fly.
  • Colors for Level 40 Mounts - Black, Gray, White.
  • Colors for Epic Mounts - Gray-Black, Dark Black, Dark Gray (the raven have white armor).
  • Flying Mount - Elite Kaliri. Turquiose, Grass Green, Crystal White, Golden Yellow.

Classes Edit

The Arakkoa have practiced ancient arts as long as anyone can remember. They constantly train to become the best at their arts as they can. An Arakkoa believes that no matter how good they are, they can always be better.

Warrior – Since their long time in existence, the Arakkoa have long since learned that they need other skills besides the use of magic. The mighty warriors of the Arakkoa have become as powerful as any Arakkoa mage. Their masterful skill of the fighting arts has them taking the place of mages as guards and watchers. Warrior Arakkoa start with a one-handed axe and shield, and have training in one-handed maces, one-handed swords, daggers, and staves.

Shaman - While they spent time on Draenor, the Arakkoa learned from the orcs the way of shamanism. They learned well from the orcs until they started practicing the art of the warlock. The Arakkoa then quickly ran off. In the saftey of Skettis, the Arakkoa practiced shamanism, adapting it in their own way. Shaman Arakkoa start with a one-handed mace, and have training in two-handed maces, staves, and two-handed swords.

Warlock – After the orcs started learning the art of the warlock, it wasn't long before the Arakkoa caught on. At first it was widely accepted, but after it started to corrupt the land it was strictly banned. After time began to pass, it was accepted once more but this time less people practiced it due to the risks practicing it caused. Warlock Arakkoa start with a stave and have training in daggers, one-handed swords, and wands.

Rogue - Everyone has their dark side, even the Arakkoa. Some have realized that through subtley, one can cause great damage to their foes. While being a rogue is discouraged throughout the Arakkoa kingdom, leaders like to secretly enroll them as assassins. Rogue Arakkoa start with a dagger.

Mage – As long as the Arakkoa existed, they have practiced the art of the magi. Using ancient arts, Arakkoa mages are very powerful mages indeed. Most of the Arakkoa practice the arcane arts. Arakkoa mages are probably the best mages around. Mage Arakkoa start with a staff, and have training in daggers and wands.

Priest - Many Arakkoa believe in the god Terokk, but others believe in other things. While a precious few walk the path of a priest, there is belief in the ways of the light. Like all other classes, Arakkoa priests work hard and fight hard. Arakkoa priests start off with a one-handed mace, and have training in daggers, wands and staves. Arakkoa priests get two new priest abilities as well. At level 10, Arakkoa priests get Blessed Belief, which increases your armor by 1 for each point of intellect for 15 seconds and has a 3 minute cooldown. At level 20, Arakkoa priests get Bird of Light, it heals all nearby party members by a certain amount (scales with level) for 10 seconds and has a 4 minute cooldown.

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
 Druid - During the time of the Cataclysm, Arrakoa believed they would need to defend themselves. They trained in the arts of nature and shapechanging. A mighty leader of the clan trained others and now the Arrakoa Druids grow in numbers.

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