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HordeNPC 32  Ryldril Dawnwalker
RaceBlood Elf
Talent SpecCombat
ProfessionsLeatherworking and Skinning
RealmScarlet Crusade US
GuildStorm Wölves

Ryldril Dawnwalker at Lvl 85

Specifics Edit

Age: Adult

Appearance: He appears more of a warrior than a rogue. His hair is always dyed and is usually done up in a ponytail.

Skills: He is good at living. Vanish is his favorite technique. That includes against his own allies. After all, even Dirzolil can last longer than he can in full plate...and since Ryldril only wears leather, he's dead once the enemy notices him.

Birthplace: Falconwing Square

Family: He doesn't speak of them. They apparently disowned him. He has, however, recently run into his younger sister, Keairi. He has a son named Mordimus and a lover named Dirzolil.

Religion: Follows Lord Vhearun with unswerving loyalty.

Likes: Sex, Dirzolil, Yas'ra, Lord Vhearun, Naaru, Champion Vranesh, Mordimus, Velathiana

Dislikes: Backfire, Paladins, Mugok

Personality: Always a kidder, Ryldril is an open flirt, but affectionate towards those he likes. He's loyal to a fault and honorable, except for the whole Vanish when he doesn't want to die thing.

Extras Edit

History: Ryldril was born with white hair...and a single lock of blue. His family and town took the strangely colored haired as a bad omen. He tried to join the paladins, but was rejected.

So he traveled the land between Sunstrider Village and Silvermoon before he met a certain blood elf by the name of Vhearun. When Vhearun told him of his special plans, Ryldril pledged his loyalty to him.

Ryldril was made the general of Lord Vhearun's army, newly formed. He also acts of Lord Vhearun's scout, sending back information to his Lord.

One day Ryldril came upon another blood elf. This blood elf, a paladin named Dirzolil, offered an alliance of mutual interest. This interest grew for Ryldril to include other interests. The relationship has gone far enough for Ryldril to have met Dirzolil's "sister", Yasra, but after cautioning from Yasra, does not yet include marriage.

It was only recently that Ryldril met Backfire, a troll mage who tried to force him into a situation he didn't want to be in. Telling lies about Dirzolil, he forced Ryldril to confront his lover, but all was well....until they all met.

Backfire then spun a confusing tale of having met Ryldril earlier in his life, before he even met Vhearun. He claimed he was making a suit for Ryldril and found him ill instead. He took him to the Sanj'in healer...but Bombay, possessed by a troll god, tried to cut into his brain instead. It was after Backfire rescued him from Bombay's clutches that things became more twisted.

Frustrated, Dirzolil fled the tale in anger. Ryldril was left alone and hurt, spurning Backfire's comfort in confusion.

Two weeks later, Dirzolil finally showed himself to Ryldril. They argued and then finally made up, reconfirming their commitment to one another.

They continued on their way, fighting evil and doing what was asked of them until the invasion of the Scourge and the opening of Northrend. It was then that Ryldril realized that Dirzolil was missing.

Frantically he spent months searching for the other man, asking anyone and everyone. His Lord helped him as much as he could, but even as a magistrate of Silvermoon and head of his House he could find out nothing.

In his search, Ryldril was captured by a Death Knight named Mugok. His eye was completely removed by the man, and he barely managed to escape.

In despair, Ryldril began to mourn the loss of his lover. Then suddenly he reappeared. Unfortunately, he had lost his memory. Ryldril tried as much as he could, but, afraid that Dirzolil would never remember and that things would never be the same, he drew away from the other elf.

Through an intervention on the part of a friend, Ryldril and Dirzolil re-met, where Dirzolil confided that he was slowly but surely regaining his memory. The two rekindled their love and reavowed to each other, perhaps even more-so than before.

Ryldril had recently recieved word that he was to aid Lord Vhearun's long-lost son, Selvaetarm in taking down Arthas. He roamed Northrend with that goal in mind. It wasn't long before Dirzolil himself was entrenched in aiding Selvetarm...and paid the price for it.

When Ryldril found this out, he was not at all happy...but he promised Dirzolil he would do no harm to Selvetarm...and therefore Vhearun in the process.

Selvetarm sought out Ryldril, however, and made that promise moot.

In an act of uncharacteristic rage, Ryldril lashed out at the mocking Selvetarm, putting his sword through the chest and ending his life. He did not remember doing so though. All he remembered is being angry...and then Selvetarm dead at his feet.

Dirzolil, comng upon the scene, forced him to flee. Together they went back to Northrend, where they remained hidden at the Temple of Order, which Ryldril insisted they stay at.

Leaving to find out the truth of what happened, Dirzolil ran into...a Selvetarm who had no memories. Convincing Ryldril this was the real Selvetarm, Dirzolil reunited son with father.

Ryldril stopped hiding, as his murderous action had been made invalid. He refused to aid his lord anymore, despite Vhearun's pleas to come back, and it took Vhearun a while to convince him to finally come back as his General. With Vhearun being deposed though, his rank is even more of a ploy than it used to be.

Being certain that Backfire's story of long ago just might be true, he called on the troll himself, that he hates, to aid him. Backfire agreed, but before he could return, a red dragon named Auftrastrasz found him. Insisting he follow him, the red dragon took him to Storm Peaks and an injured Dynishra.

Ryldril was hesitant to help, as this woman was the mother of the man he had murdered. He took her to a place he had liked to meditate upon, a place he felt strangely calm and safe, the Temple of Order. When Dynishra awoke, they conversed, with Ryldril confessing he had been the murderer of her son. They left on uneasy terms.

When they re-met, it was with Dirzolil in tow in Silvermoon City. They all talked with Dynishra becoming more agitated by the moment. Finally, she left...only to come back and challenge them both to a duel. She defeated Ryldril, but he knew she would have no chance of defeating Dirzolil. Indeed, she failed many times before finally succumbing to exhaustion. They left her in the inn, Dirzolil having healed her, and continued on their way.

Ryldril took to drinking after that, disturbed by his loss and the hatred of a woman he had started to become friendly with at the temple. It was in an inn, drinking again, that he ran into House Bloodsworn. Knowing an opportunity of power for his lord when he sees it, he began negotiations with their Councillor, and found himself liking the blood elf just as Dirzolil hated him....

Ryldril continued his drinking antics until Vhearun's father, Coravain, decided to have a talk with him about it. He recommended seeing a mage, Vonaro, who could perhaps help him with his problem. Ryldril has reluctantly agreed, and it will be Dirzolil who contacts him.

Meanwhile, Ryldril has taken some matters in his own hands in a drastic and violent manner, wanting both he and Dirzolil to finally be at peace from Selvaetarm. So far, he has refused to speak to anyone of these actions, even when the Death Knight's mother confronted them. It is clear Dirzolil suspects something because of Ryldril's moods swings that, more often then not, swing toward anger.

After an emotional and somewhat heated conversation on Ryldril's changes, Ryldril went back to Silvermoon City, slumping into the inn for a drink. It was there he ran into another paladin, but this one was familiar to him. In fact, this one was his younger sister.

And so it was that Ryldril took Coravain and Dralla's suggestion to "talk" to the god inside him. Charging his sister with his care while he entered a dream-like state, Ryldril downed a potion, not realizing he would be asleep for weeks...and not days. When he awoke, he found himself at his old house, his hair gone back to its original color, the blue streak in it clearly visible.

He ran into Dralla first upon "escaping" his family home, and they spoke at length. Ryldril was shocked to find out how long he had been asleep, but he seemed more at-ease than he had been for weeks.

It was during Talk Like a Pirate day that he finally ran into Dirzolil. He'd already heard that Dirzolil's sister had been searching for him, but had no idea if his lover and soon-to-be husband had. What followed was not a happy reunion. Ryldril tried his best to apologize for his long absence...and for not telling Dirzolil anything about his sleep, for confiding in his sister he hadn't seen for years rather than him....

Things only got worse as his time spent talking to Tyr, the god inside him, led him to explain, as best he could, his actions toward Selvetaerm. Dirzolil was beside him, insisting Ryldril apologize to the Death Knight for his actions. Ryldril refused to do so, stating he wasn't going to lie the man and say he was sorry for his actions when he felt them completely justified.

Realizing he couldn't condone these actions, Dirzolil called off the wedding, and Ryldril did not disagree with him. After that, Ryldril got drunk and stayed drunk. Brewfest more than helped with that. In fact, it helped so well he had no problems confessing his actions to an equally drunk Dynishra. They spent some time after that at Ryldril's house, comforting each other in an intimate manner.

A week later, the day of the canceled wedding, Ryldril was trying to avoid anyone he knew in Brill, near Undercity. He ran into a warlock he'd met before and they spent some time speaking before she finally got him to come out with why the wedding had been canceled. she also got him to take off the special goggles that simulated drunken-ness.

It was then that Dirzolil entered. Somehow he had tracked Ryldril down, and he now begged, in the best way he could, for them to be a couple again. Ryldril, unconvinced but missing his lover, agreed. Things seem to have gone back the way they were before the planned wedding, but there is a deep-seated doubt about the relationship within him now.

Added to this is the fact that, Dynishra, who Ryldril had told of his crimes to her son, was pregnant with his child.

It was perhaps this doubt and the pregnancy that led him to flee his home and vanish from Dirzolil when Mugok found Ryldril. For many months Ryldril stayed away from Silvermoon City, Nagrand, and even the Argent Tournament Grounds. It was a chance encounter with a Death Knight and his mate that led Ryldril back to a healthier side of himself. Mordimus and Velathiana befriended the paranoid rogue who looked at every Death Knight with a crooked gaze. It was through them that he finally attained his dream of becoming a paladin, although only in the honorary sense.

It was because of them he started to return to Silvermoon City, though disguised cheesily. Of course, he ran into Dirzolil. He struck up a conversation with the morose and testy elf and soon revealed himself. An argument ensued, but neither of the two could keep it up for long.

They agreed to try for a third and likely final time.

Mordmius' later death hurt Ryldril more than he had imagined. His resurrection seemed a blessing until it was revealed he didn't remember Ryldril at all. Ryldril feels it is best to hang back and watch the other quietly, though Mordimus has hinted he might remember Ryldril.

Currently he is helping Dirzolil guard Dralla's eggs.

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