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This article is a player character biography page for Karomaz of Steamwheedle Cartel Europe created by Karomaz. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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HordeNPC 32Karomaz Bloodwhisper
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Level 70
Character class Warlock (all), Demon Hunter, Arcanist (RP)
Affiliation Shattrath City, The Leaders of the Horde
Position Last Lord of House Bloodwhisper, Mercenary
Location Isle of Quel'Danas
Status Alive
Relative(s) Members of House Bloodwhisper (Deceased), Alandiel Bloodwhisper (Brother), Del'Loron (Teacher and Friend)

Karomaz is a young Sin'dorei Warlock and Lord of House Bloodwhisper. He is revered among the Horde and exalted among many others, but even so, he desided to live in solitude. However, he still works for the Horde, but as a mercenary instead of an official member of the Horde. He is both feared and respected by his fellow brethren, because of his demonic allegiance with the demon spirit Del'Loron, a spirit resting within his soul, guiding his path and protecting his soul from the wrethed powers of the Legion.


Karomaz is a lone wolf and tends to stay silent. He does have his happy moments however and is actually a very charming and friendly young man. He tends to feel guilty quite a lot and always seeks forgiveness for the things he have done. If he gets angry, he immediately gets extremely dangerous and hostile and no matter how many times he fails he always keep trying again and again.


The Beginning of the JourneyEdit

Karomaz Bloodwhisper was once a powerful mage, mastering the Arcane. He was born and grew up in Quel'Thalas as a member of the noble House Bloodwhisper with his two older brothers, Malanaar and Alandiel and his younger sister, Lindiel. He began training his magic as a child and learned to wield the Arcane, with great skill as a young boy. He soon after began teaching other elves how to wield the magic and became well known in Silvermoon City and eventually married one of his childhood friends, a fellow mage by the name of Ayrin Lightsong. But not all liked him as much. His older brother Alandiel, the black sheep of the family, hated him because of his popularity. Alandiel hated him so much, he even attempted to assassinate Karomaz, but were unsuccesful. However, Karomaz was greatly wounded and his right eye was severely damaged and made permanently blind, while leaving a large scar across his face.

Shortly after this event, the Scourge invaded Quel'Thalas and his father and older brothers went into battle. It was not long before it was reported that they had all fallen in combat. In anger, Karomaz rushed into battle, but were easily defeated. Believed to be dead, the undead left him on the battlefield. When Karomaz got to his feet and managed to return back to Silvermoon, all that was left was the fallen ruins and the rest of his family were gone. He also soon learned that he had lost his magical abilities. Seeing no other choice, he helped in the rebuilding of the fallen Kingdom.

However, he soon felt something strange around him. An evil presence that he hadn't felt before. He began hearing a voice in his head and had terrifying visions, whenever he closed his eyes for longer periods. It was first later that he realised that he was possessed by a demonic spirit. The spirit introduced itself as Del'Loron and told that he didn't possess him, but was imprisoned within his soul, by an unknown force. After much consideration, Karomaz desided to make a deal with Del'Loron. If he would teach him the powers of the demonic, he would find a way to get him back to where he belonged. Del'Loron accepted this deal and they immediately began the training. Karomaz slowly learned to wield the dark magic and by the time the Sin'dorei joined the Horde, he had become a Warlock.

The Rise of the WarlockEdit

During his travels in Azeroth, Karomaz became stronger as he learned to control his dark powers. However as he became stronger, so did Del'Loron within him. When Del'Loron was as strong as he could be, he began to take over the mind of Karomaz, but Karomaz managed to gain enough power to transfer the spirit of Del'Loron into the body of a doomguard and banish him to the Twisting Nether. Unfortunately, something unexpected happened. Del'Loron had managed to place a mark on Karomaz, a mark which revealed his bond with the demon spirit. As Karomaz travelled to Outland, he began feeling something, slowly growing inside him. Soon after he realised that the dark magic that Del'Loron had given him, slowly began to corrupt him from within.

As the corruption began to take over, Karomaz began to go slightly insane and began to perform demonic rituals in an attempt to increase his powers. During his madness, the corruption began spreading to his physical body and his left arm was transformed into a twisted demonic form. Fortunately, the spirit of Del'Loron had managed to return and seeked the help of Karomaz. Del'Loron had learned that his spirit could not survive, because of the mark he had placed on Karomaz. The mark signified the bond between them if they were separated they would both slowly perish. Karomaz understood the consequences even in his state of madness and allowed Del'Loron to reside within his soul once again.

With the combined powers of Karomaz and Del'Loron, the two of them earned Karomaz quite the reputation in Outland and after many months of hard work, Karomaz had become well known by the various factions of Outland and especially those of Shattrath City. Because of his dedicated loyalty, the Scryer's made him an official advisor of their faction, because of his great knowledge of the dark ways and the demonic arts. With this new title, he and Del'Loron were able to reach the knowledge they needed to fight the corruption. They began gathering all the needed materials and reagents and one fateful day, they managed to remove the mark that Del'Loron had placed on Karomaz and remove the corruption that troubled him.

The Return of the LordEdit

With Karomaz soul cleansed and the corruption and the mark gone, Del'Loron would be able to return to the Nether and rest. However, Del'Loron did not wish to leave and decided to remain with Karomaz, as a companion and advisor. The two of them, continued to do mercenary work for the people of Outland, while at the same time trying to stay away from the public, because of what they had done in the past. However the deeds of Karomaz, both good and evil had reached Silvermoon. After receiving a message from Silvermoon, Karomaz returned to his former home. When he arrived he was greeted like a hero and good news awaited there. During his travels, survivors of his family had returned to Silvermoon after living in wilderness, hiding from the Scourge. The survivors were his sister Lindiel and his wife Ayrin, with Karomaz's newborn daughter. With Karomaz's return and the House Bloodwhisper still standing, Karomaz was given the title of Lord of the House Bloodwhisper.

The Fall of the BloodwhispersEdit

The joy would be short though. During the night someone entered the city and headed towards the home of the Bloodwhispers. The guards were no challenge against the intruder and were soon slain. Lindiel managed to hold him back for a while, but she weren't strong enough to hold him off long enough and was impaled by the large blade the man wielded. When Karomaz got there, a long battle was fought with the intruder escaping in the end. As Karomaz saw the corpse of his dead sister, he was sent into a state of rage and rushed out to murder the intruder. He managed to wound him, but also caused a large explosion of dark energy in the area, causing the death of many innocent people.

Under ConstructionEdit

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