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HordeNPC 32Renard Winterbane
Title Leader of the Bloodtalon Mercenaries,Bloodknight Master.
Gender Male
Race(s) Bloodelf-Human
Level 80
Character class Paladin
Health Unknown
Mana Unknown
Affiliation Horde,Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
Blood Knight Order
Location unknown
Status Active
Relative(s) Olast Winterbane(Brother)
Alignment neutral evil[1])

Q u o t e:

I don't believe or condone in pointless murder, i heard those gives you nightmares and causes you to lose sleep..i dont mind in profitable murder though, because I can at least afford a soft huge bed to knock me out and no amount of night terrors can wake me.

Master Renard Winterbane is a corrupt blood knight and commander of the Secretive Blood talon Mercenaries, rumored to be ruthless and evil, it's hard to notice this traits due to the fact that he tends to joke around and is known to act comically when dealing with other people, it's unknown if he does this on purpose to give the people around him a sense of complacency and cause them to put their guard down which in turn makes for an easy kill. very little is known about Renard other than he is followed around by a black cat that he seems to be very weary of.

Biography Edit



The House Where Renard Grew up in as a child.

Renard Was born In Westfall from an unknown human Father and a highelf Mother that eloped Prior to the dark Portal opening,As a child Renard showed cleverness that greatly surpassed a child his age. Renard did not have much friends and regularly stayed at home and read books his mother would bring back to him, he is the other half of the winterbane brothers, next to olast who while not as clever as renard, was more superior in physical strength and brute force. Renard's father served as a stormwind guard and took up arms and lost his life during the horde invasion in the first war. with Renard and Olast's father dead, and the threat of a horde invasion in westfall,their mother decided to go back to her home, silvermoon, The Trip back did not fare well for the family, the mother became terribly ill from fatigue and depression from her husband's lost, she held on up to eversong woods where she finally sucummbed to her illness and fell right at the gates of silvermoon.

the brothers now orphaned, Did not adapt well to their new home, due to the fact that they were half elves and was antisocial they were treated with prejudice by its citizen and nobles, they ended up running from silvermoon after olast killed a silvermoon guard who caught him and renard stealing from a store, they lived deep in the woods of eversong where they learned to fend of for themselves, they sat and watched in a hill while Silvermoon was sieged by the scourge during the events of the third war.

Rises a BloodknightEdit


Renard and Olast as Bloodknights

During the time the High elves returned to the ruined city of silvermoon and renamed themselves blood elves, Renard and Olast sneaked back into the city. with their past deeds forgotten they believed they can start over again, Renard and Olast was eager to help out struggling citizens for gold, they helped rebuild silvermoon and helped slay the remnants of the undead left inside its walls, they eventually started disguising themselves as soldiers after they ambushed two guards and killed them for their armor. This was Renard's first personal kill where he exclaimed he felt a feeling that he never felt before and announced his enjoyment in this. when the time came where Lady Liadrin called for Warriors for a new silvermoon force, Renard and Olast found Opportunity in this and Readily joined, thus the order of Blood Knights is born. Renard and Olast knew about the captive naaru and was not bothered by this, Being Blood knights only made both their hearts more darker and open to more extreme and ruthless measures, their greed grew and felt new power in being able to order around soldiers and finally command respect from the citizens, this Brought Renard into coming up with a scheme where they would go to peoples houses and offer protection for Gold and if the person refuses, The brothers would come to the person's house, destroy his things and do any form of harassment they see fit until the person decides that he needs "protection", while Renard served as the brains of the operation, Olast did all of the physical work and usually the one that beats up the person who refuses to pay.this all came to an end when olast was sent to a mission to the plaguelands and lost his life to the scourge leaving Renard by himself.



The blood Talon banner

Years Passed and Renard has managed to climb up the Bloodknight order using his Bribery, cunning and betrayal. he continued with the "protection" scam he started with his brother and managed to employ a handful of bloodknights under his command, calling themselves bloodtalon this band of corrupt knights wreaked havoc in the streets of silvermoon Killing anyone who questions them and those they see untrustworthy, this scheme made him rich beyond his dreams and turned him into a power hungry monster with no remorse for life. Renard Wanted more so he started devising a plan on ways to gain a high Rank in the Blood knight order so he could move around more freely. this Plan came to light when he decided to send all of his men to the plaguelands in an effort to finish the mission olast failed to accomplish, In Truth Renard had no plan in pushing through the plaguelands because he knows fully well that survival is highly unlikely if he confronts the scourge head on with nothing but a handful of men. halfway through their travel on night Renard Poisoned his men's drinking water which in turn killed them all, he got rid of the bodies and added some blood and scratches in his armor and marched back to silvermoon with the story of courage, survival and his valiant attempt to ward of a scourge attack which wiped out his men. on the way home Renard was Confronted by his dead brother who was now a Deathknight, the Reunited brothers walked back to silvermoon and stood in front of the Lady Liadrin and told his story of his courage which she believed. Renard Was Promoted to Bloodknight Champion and was Put in charge of a considerable ammount of knights in silvermoon and at the same time the power to do pretty much anything he wants. Renard immediately Put all his plans to work and revived the bloodtalons, employing any race and class and turned this small band that operated inside the walls of silvermoon into a full blown mercenary group operating in absolute secrecy which now spans through as far as outlands dealing with assassinations, forgeries,Theft,smuggling and anything they can get their hands on as long as the price is right.


Despite his Notorious deeds and actions, Renard seems to act The opposite of what a mercenary leader should act. he acts rather comically when dealing with other people, he talks real quick and jokes around a lot and possesses a very dark humor, his always Seen fixing his hair or drinking to himself. Renard does not call or treat anyone his friends and he often exclaims he does not possess enemies either. he gets excited quick when money is involved and jumps immediately at the chance to make as much as he can. he seems to be absent minded and always day dream. all of this is unknown if he does all this trait on purpose so he can be perceived as someone who poses no threat to anyone, and put them in a sense of safety and complacency which in turn gives him an easy kill. or maybe he just acts this way naturally.


Renard tries to avoid combat as much as possible and employs the help of henchmen to do his dirty work for him, but if he has no choice but to fight, he fights dirty and uses cunning and tactics to subdue someone, he refuses to kill a person on the spot and tries to just immobilize or paralyze them, he then have his henchmen carry his enemy's body to his place and tortures them and prolongs their life and suffering as much as he can.

The catEdit


Mysterious Black Cat

Renard is Followed by a Mysterious black Cat that he Claims not his, Little is known about this cat other than it follows him wherever he goes and when he attempts to touch it, Renard will immediately suffer a misfortune so he refuses to touch it much less attempt to kill it because he believes it would bring about his untimely death. he believes the cat is the grim ripper attempting to take his soul or bad karma biting him because of all the evil deeds he has done and continues to do. other than that it looks just like any other black cat. Olast claims it stays because Renard feeds it but Renard assures him that he ignores it 90% of the time so theres no way he feeds it. Women seem to be fond of it and when they touch it Nothing seems to happen to them, wether the misfortune is only Renards Imagination or The Cat is only after him alone, nobody can tell and as long as it follows him, Renard would always be weary of anything around him.

Out of Character Information Edit

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