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General Info Edit

Name:Commander Londrieved Slyvius Erinfeather
Home Server: Sisters of Elune
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: 47
Class: Paladin
Guild: None

[ Londrieved's Armory Page]

Physical Description: Short, stocky, with red-blonde gradiented hair. A chiseled face and a small ghoatee. Tends to wear very dressy clothes. Has three earrings on both ears, a nose ring with a ruby stud, and a claw mark on his face the size of a druid's catpaw.

Personality Description: Lond has a bit of a reputation for being difficult and hard to deal with, but his closest friends and family can attest to this. Lond is often sarcastic and will say things just to get under one's skin, but under that is a loving husband and a political visionary.

Bio (Summary) Edit

Lond was born Londrieved Slyvius Erinfeather, heir to the shamed family of Erinfeather. His grandfather, Valsh Slyvius Erinfeather, was framed for the murder done by the Windslash family, and the shame that went on the family was irreversible. By the time Lond was young, his father beared on him the significance of their family and it's proud heritage of generals. The story goes that when the Highbourne found Quel'thalas, it was a Highbourne named Slyvius that was a hero in the war against the forest trolls. At his death, he took the name Erinfeather in regards to his companion, a rare blue Dragonhawk of the same name. Since then, all Erinfeather boys took Slyvius as their middle names in recognization of the first of their family name.

Lond had a younger brother by the name of Isoun, and a baby sister. Isoun was a bit flakey, and Lond even suspected him of being an escourt to nobles, men and women alike. This was found out later to be truth. When Lond was a older teenager, the Cult of the Damned came to

his home. They offered the Erinfeathers renewed honor through Ner'zul, of which their father promptly denied. Lond and Isoun, curious of what the man had to offer, followed him out and spoke with him at a pub. They spoke but Lond pulled Isoun out when the man named his price: the sacrifise of their baby sister in the name of the Lich King.

It was later that week when Lond awoke to find his sister and brother missing. He wandered for them, and found the Cult of the Damned gathered around Isoun and the mutilated corpse of his baby sister. Lond, in a rage, attacks his brother and kills him with his bare hands, the cult not stopping him at all.

After this event, Lond and his father left with Arthas' campaign against the Cult of the Damned with personal vendetta. They followed them, fighting hard and bravely until they reached the icy shores of Northrend. It was there Arthas abandoned his men, Lond and his father included. Small scout attacks of ghouls told them that the Scourge had found them, and attack was imminent. Lond secretly built a raft, and came back to camp to find his father had been injured in a skirmish. Lond stayed by his father's side till he died, and fell asleep near his corpse. When Lond awoke, his father was gone, and his corpse was walking away with two ghouls. In a moment that haunts Lond to this day, his father stared at him with cold, blue eyes, and then notioned for a ghoul to attack him. His father's pet Dragonhawk bought him time to run, but sacrifised itself in the process. Lond ran for his raft and as he floated away, he saw waves of ghouls press onto the camp, the assault began and he leaving them for dead.

He floated for two days before he had the blind luck of being picked up by Lady Jaina Proudmore. A paladin there took the boy in and nursed him back to health. It was this friendship that led to Lond asking to be trained as a Paladin himself. His training began, and he even marched alongside the human armies at the Battle of Nordrassil. When Lond finally tasted the light within his grasp, his world fell apart. His people were given to the demon Illidan, and the Naaru denied him the light he worked so hard to acheive. Not only that, High Elf hate was on the rise, and Lond found himself on the run from Theramore and hitching a ride back to Silvermoon.

It was there that Lond discovered the Blood Knights, and he joined their order, paritally out of his desire to be a paladin, partially out of spite towards the light. When Lond discovered the secret to their power, he was only mildly disturbed, given in to their mindwashing.

Lond came home to Silvermoon with his mother dead, and without a home. It was then, as a stray, he was taken in by Bloodwind, namely, the High Lady Page. Lond felt himself grow attached to Lady Page, and found his attempts to chase after Page met with cold indifference. As much as he tried to be understanding, he finally forced her to admit she had no feelings for him, and he left to Eversong to find himself anew.

It was two weeks later he returned, but maybe too soon as he found his feelings didn't die for Page... that is until he saw Illine, the white coated tauren druidess. Thanks to the encouragement of Lady Reilyn, Lond spoke with Illine and started what was the best decision he ever made. It wasn't long before Lond knew he had fallen in love, and it was only 2 weeks of dating that he accidentily proposed. And it was a little later that Illine came up to be pregnant.

Lond and Illine came soon to a sad conclusion of their varying lifespans. Lond would live 1900 years longer than she would, and the thought scared him. He spoke to Zum'wani, his close troll friend, who told him of the Elf's Blood Potion. With the help of Bom'Bay the Witch Doctor, Lond assembled the potion, and Illine drank it. There were two consequences to this potion. One of which was that, because it contained Lond's blood, he passed his addiction to the Arcane onto her. The second was, due to the nature of the potion, their unborn kids' growth would be more Blood Elf than Tauren, and the pregnancy has hit into hyperdrive.

Lond owed much to Zum'wani, and when he heard that Zum had been kicked from Bloodwind, he was furious, and pressed his views to Lady Page, in a very angry manner, which began a series of events that lead to the downfall of Bloodwind. Lond, to this day, is blamed for this despite his only inclusion into this event was perhaps saying things he shouldn't have.

And his relationship with Reilyn and Mortakai may never be repaired. Also, Zum, in anger and abandonment, attacked Lady Page, and found himself killed by Mortakai and the guards. Lond found himself blamed for this as well, despite his last words to Zum'wani being "Don't do anything stupid."

As if things couldn't be worse, a spirit from the Emerald Dream took over Illine, turning her against her friends and fiance, even attacking them. Despite Lond's removing of the spirit from her body, the spirit Nor took a great deal of emotion out of her, including her love for Lond. She said nothing, though, and the wedding went on as planned, despite her being kidnapped before hand. After the wedding, Illine recieved a letter with a bullet in it, telling her that it would be used on Lond if she wanted it. It was the next day and it finally came up, and Illine annulled the wedding. Lond and Illine exhanged words, and in a drunken rage, Illine gave the bullet to Andiro Bloome. Lond, distaught and giving up all hope for the future, sat and waited for the end for what felt like an eternity. After his death, he spoke with Illine as a spirit before his soul was pushed into the afterlife.

It was a little later that Lond's brother, Isoun, showed up, somehow ressurected and alive. He came under the guise of a friend, and brother to Illine, promising to help her care for the children. He gained all of their trusts, easily. Lond never spoke of what he did. Isoun's true motive was to protect the children of Illine until his and Lond's father could harvest them and raise them as generals of the Scourge. After visions and messengers did nothing to Illine, Isoun went to drastic measures, and using the necromantic powers of the Scourge, created a new body of Lond and forced his soul into it. Lond found himself ressurected against his own will, but with no memory of the day he died (or of his annulment). As if given a better target, Lond's father turned his gaze onto his son, and decided he would prefer him over half-breeds. As a means to sweeten the deal, Isoun placed a charm onto Illine's emotions, returning the Love that Nor had taken from her. ((Quick note I don't know where to put: Lond doesn't remember the Anullment and Illine hasn't said anything about it.))

Lond heard of his brother's return from Acalis, Isoun strictly telling people to not mentioned him to Lond but not telling Acalis. When Lond finally told Illine, she didn't trust him or Isoun from it. Isoun found out about Lond's knowledge, and attempted to extract the children by force. Lond appears, and fights Isoun, succeeding in killing him.

In the months that follow, Lond loses his unborn daughter to Illine's brother, and only was soon the father to his son, Tyronne Slyvius Erinfeather. Several events that Lond doesn't fully understand and several events that remain quite personal to the elf led to his divorce to Illine. Also, Londrieved recieves a highly unexpected promotion to Commander of the Silvermoon Intelligence Division. The events leading to this promotion are shrouded in secrecy, but there are rumors of possible extortion or even murder involved.

Lond was taken aback by the apparent ressurection of an old enemy, Belinor Direbourne. So much that he put his efforts into a huge plot in order to corrupt Belinor and his followers. He nearly succeeds until his plan is founded out, events that led to a brawl between the two. Whereas Belinor recieved a lot of damage, his dirty, underhanded tactics left Londrieved with the first of the gut wounds he'd recieve from Belinor.

Upset from the divorce of his wife, Londrieved soon picks up drinking again, becoming a bit of a drunkard for a period of time until he finds himself in the company of one other who had similar mournings, Kiirei Lightwhisper. After the initial shock of waking up next morning with a slightly effeminate male, Lond came to terms with it. Their relationship was short, though, due to complications from Kiirei's prior lovelife.

There were several unnotable events that took place before Lond met Keista, after recieving another set of wounds from Belinor, assisted in stabilizing Londrieved before priests could heal him. This began a bit a romance between him and [yet another] Tauress, which now ended with their eloping, and the process of her adoption of Tyronne is underway.

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