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AllianceNPC 32Elsiere Fireshield
Title Grand Cleric of the Order of the Golden Law
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 90
Character class Priest, Cleric
Affiliation Stormwind, Alliance, Church of the Holy Light, Order of the Golden Law, Northshire Abbey
Position Grand Cleric (currently)
Location Stormwind
Status (Alive)
Relative(s) Zemptias Fireshield (Husband), Martigan Lighthammer (Son), Maria Lighthammer (Daughter), Arteas Fireshield (Son)
Mentor(s) Saint Belathan of Northshire (Deceased),
Alignment Lawful good


Elsiere is a level 90 Priest roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server and officer of the Order of the Golden Law.


Born in Lordaeron to a single mother out of wedlock, Elsiere would find herself traveling south to Stormwind after the fall of the North, training as a priest within Northshire Abbey, nestled in the heart of Elwynn Forest. With time, eventually she found her training elevated to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City.

With time she'd find herself married twice, once to the Paladin Martigan Lighthammer, who would father her first two children, and the second time to Zemptias Fireshield, whom would father her third child.

Now, she resides within the Order of the Golden Law, serving as Grand Cleric in charge of training and looking after new initiates.


Grand Cleric Elsiere Fireshield and her husband Zemptias Fireshield, Regent Lord of the Golden Law.

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