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Food type test planEdit

The purpose of this page is to portray a method of determining whether an item is food, and what type of food.

Food is either edible or inedible to players, and either edible or inedible to pets; 2 x 2 --> 4 cases, but if a food item is not edible by either, it isn't food.

Major type of food; meat, fish, bread, cheese, fruit, fungus; does not matter to players, all are edible, but matters to pets, they have specific types they will eat. Attempt to feed the food item to various pets to isolate what it is by what kind of pet will eat it. Patch 3.0.2 simplified food types by removing raw food types.

Many items appear to be food but may or may not function as food, and might be tested; these will often be of specific item types, such as meat and fish trade goods.

Another question to be addressed is whether there are player character consumable foods that are not of one of the six major types; it appears that there are.

Basic questions and testsEdit

  • Question 0: is the item food for player characters?
Test: Character attempts to eat the item; however, this is largely unnecessary, character food says so in the tooltip.
  • Question 1: is the item food for hunter pets? (note that answering a more specific question answers this as well)
Test: Hunter attempts to feed the item to an omnivore, such as a pig or a bear.
This is a good screening test. An item that fails this does not require further pet testing.
Candy? Healing Herb?
  • Question 2: is the item meat for hunter pets?
Test: Hunter attempts to feed the item to a pure meat eater, such as a spider or wolf.
One of the easier, hence basic, tests. There are ambiguities with quest items that are meat and meat weapons.
  • Question 3: is the item fish for hunter pets?
There are several items which are conceptually fish that are not usable as fish in the game, and some that are.
Test: Hunter does the meat test, then attempts to feed the item to a meat and fish eater, such as a cat. Meat should fail.
Note ambiguities where an item succeeds both tests; probably a bug.
A quick version of this test is feed the item to a cat, if it fails, the item is not fish (works for fails only).
Tallstriders have the inverse of the cat diet. If a tallstrider eats an item, the item is not meat nor fish, but is pet food.

For the following, first verify that the item is a hunter pet food and is one of bread, cheese, fruit, or fungus. (Tallstriders test)

  • Question 4: is the item bread for hunter pets?
Test: Strider test, then a crab will eat, but a bat won't eat.
  • Question 5: is the item cheese for hunter pets?
Test: Strider test, then a wind serpent will eat, but a crab won't eat.
Test: Strider test, then a bat won't eat and a crab won't eat.
  • Pre-question 6/7: is the item either fruit or fungus? (not required, may be helpful)
Test: Strider test, then a bat eats.
  • Question 6: is the item fruit for hunter pets?
Test: Pass Strider, Pass Dragonhawk. (or a warp stalker) (easy for Horde)
Test: Pass Dragonhawk, fail Cat.
Test: Pass Strider, fail worm.
(Fail Cat, fail worm does not work, because it may not be food at all.)
Test:Fail Cat, fail worm, pass pig.
Test: Pass Strider, pass Bat, then either a nether ray or a sithilid will not eat.
  • Question 7: is the item fungus for hunter pets?
Test: Pass Strider, then either a nether ray or a sithilid will eat.
Test: Pass Strider, pass Bat, fail Dragonhawk.

Test candidatesEdit

Player food is consumed by 'using' (right clicking) it. Any item that does not have a non-food use can be tested for a food use, but (all?) player food has a benefits label in the tooltip, and does not need to be tested. There may be a few items that may be desirable to test for player edibility. Player characters cannot eat food that requires a level higher than they are. The ideal test subject is a level 70 player character.

One question that comes to mind is whether a specific consumable item ticks the food achievement or drink achievement. Egg Nog is ambiguous and a test was helpful.

Any item can be tested to be pet food by attempting to feed it to a pet. Pets will not eat food that is more than 30 levels below them. They will consume any food that is above their level. The ideal pet test subject is a pet of low level; under level 30. Now that pet are always at most five levels below their owner, the testing will have to be staggered among characters of various levels.

Any items which might be viewed as food is a candidate to be tested regarding "Is it food under any circumstances?". If an item is food, it is desirable to characterize under what circumstances, generally, what type of food is it? It would be useful to have a correlation of items type with food type. The most interesting ambiguities are going to be in things that are food to pets.

Ambiguous items would be things like meat and fish weapons; trophy fish; raw foods which are no longer edible by pets. The actual item type is likely to vary widely, the item type of various things seems to be rather ad hoc in the minutia, although most will conform to logical norms.

Pet dietsEdit


  • Bears - Bread, Cheese, Fish, Fruit, Fungus, Meat
  • Boars - Bread, Cheese, Fish, Fruit, Fungus, Meat
Pure meat carnivores:
Fish and meat carnivores:
Anti-carnivore: - inverse of cats
Subset anti-carnivores:
  • Gorillas - Bread, Fruit, Fungus - Cheese detection (negative)
  • Worms - Bread, Cheese, Fungus - Fruit detection (negative) - inverse of dragonhawks
Tight diets:
  • Warp Stalkers - Fish, Fruit - Fruit detection (too high level for some)
  • Dragonhawks - Fish, Fruit, Meat - Fruit detection - dragonhawk diet is the inverse of worm diet.
Odd diets:
  • Crabs - Bread, Fish, Fruit, Fungus - Cheese detection (negative)
  • Turtles - Bread, Fish, Fruit, Fungus - Cheese detection (negative)
  • Bats (excluding Spore Bats) - Fruit, Fungus, Meat - inverse of wind serpents



Most things that eat fish eat meat, but Warp Stalkers are an exception, so fish eaters are not a subset of meat eaters.
Everything that eats cheese eats bread, so cheese eaters are a subset of bread eaters.
There is much overlap between fungus eaters and fruit eaters, but neither is a subset.

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