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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

AllianceNPC 32Sir Malan Steelsword
Gender [[Gender::Male]]
Race Human
Character class Warrior
Affiliation Grand Alliance
Position Lord of all Alliance Armies
Location Unknown
Status Alive, General of all Alliance Army
Relative(s) Lord Daval Steelsword (Grandfather), Halad (father), Elaine Seasister (Wife) Henry Steelsword (son)

Malan Steelsword is the son of the mighty warrior Halad during the Blood-Solo War, two years later he sees a vision from his father and takes up his armor to fulfill what his father failed to do... destroy the Blood Elf army, currently he wields the sword of his family, the Steelsword.

Early Life Edit

Malan was born around the aftermath of the Second War, he spent some times visiting the internment camps of Hillsbrad and Arathi Highlands, though he was in the capital internment camp that is now Hammerfall when Thrall liberated the Orcs, though of course he was at the age of 10, he begged Thrall to live, he had done no wrong to the Orcs, in fact Malan had become to understand the Orcs, though that wasn’t what Grom Hellscream had wanted, he let Malan escape from Hammerfall.

He thanked Thrall, and few Orcs could speak on his behalf, Malan didn’t try to harm the Orcs, from time to time he’d come into the Internment camps to speak and counsel the Orcs, he grew an affinity with Orcs.

By the time he 15 (three years before Halad goes to War) he requested a petition to free the remaining Orcs and send them to an island. Though no one agreed to the petition except for Tirion Fordring, he was though laughed out of the Kings Throne Room.

Malan grew up in the court, though he was trained as a warrior by his father, he was more in love with the politics, he became good friends with the King Anduin Wrynn, he spent some time at the Stockades where he was the judge that sentenced trial dates and terms.

Though when his father Halad was at war with the massive Blood Elf army, he went back to his roots in training as a warrior, he had the skills of a warrior and paladin. Malan finally resigned off the Council of Stormwind, though it was a blow to them all, they realized he had to do this.


Malan cries for his dead mother...

When Halad died in battle, the blow hit him and his mother hard, but his mother went mad, and ran outside with a knife, Malan and the guards chased her to make sure she did no harm, she ran to the Valley of Heroes where she stood in front of the statue of heroes, she screamed out Halad's name and cried why he had forsaken her, when Malan and the guards arrived, she then looked at Malan one time in tears, raised her dagger up high, Malan screamed no and ran towards her, but the guards pulled him back because she had gone mad and he might get hurt, he was held to the ground as her final words with the dagger high in the air to Malan in tears was "don’t end up like your father...", then she plunged the dagger into her heart, Malan was terrified and upset, he tried to run towards her but it was too late, she backed up in her final moments and fell off the bridge and into the lake as she slowly fell to the bottom of the lake.

Malan agrees to take on the task to finish what Halad started..

Malan and the guards ran towards the bridge and all they saw was the dark image of her falling down and the water roaring. Malan fell to the ground and cried. The guards tried to calm him and carried him back home. He couldn’t calm himself until the day his father came to him in a vision two years later.

Halad as a ghost told him to take vengeance upon the Blood Elves, for his sake, for your mother’s sake, for Glory, honor, valor, and for Stormwind. He knew this day would come, he ran to his closet and got his armor on, and then getting Anduin's Blessing and departed for the Arathi Highlands.

On his way to prepare for battle he met a beautiful Kul'Tiras Captain named Elaine Seasister, who was leading into battle against the Blood Elf navies, they had around a few weeks to prepare for battle once again, they got to talking a few times after awhile though they had a romantic relationship that was really strong until finally the day came when Elaine had to go back to the seas once again to battle the Blood Elf Navies after defeating their naval power at the Gulf of Gilneas, and Malan had to go to war against the army of near a million.

They promised they would meet after this war, their love was too strong to break over such distances that they always thought about one another.

Malan's First Battle Edit

Malan made his way across Thandol Valley and over the last bridge of the Thandol Span, he then set up camp in the dark forest similar to what his father did. He slept for a few hours to catch up his beleaguered strength once again.

At midnight he awoke to a strange noise, he saw the roaring fires of the Blood Elf camp, but the noise came from a bush, Malan quickly grabbed his sword and yelled a challenge to whoever was in the bushes. An Orc rose from the bushes, Grollok told Malan to put the sword down, he wasn’t an enemy but he also said that he helped Malan's father in the battle.

Malan lowered his sword and then let the Orc sit, they began to eat and chat, Grollok told Malan a lot about his father when they fought alongside one another, he told him he was a great warrior, he had Great Spirit, and a good friend. Now Malan had never heard an Orc befriending a Human or vice-versa this was all new to him, but he thanked him for the good words of his father.

A moment later they heard a horn sound, the Blood Elf army was ready and dawn had hit - Grollok had said he would attack from the west if Malan attack the elves from the eastern mountain; they both marched and waited for the Blood Elves to arrive.
The Attack

Malan deals with a number of Blood Elves in the battle, he also deals with some of the Undead Scourge.

A blood elf soldier steps to speak to Malan, he is dressed in all black armor with a mighty black bastard sword, he said that his father Halad died in a foolish attempt to stop the army, and mocked him, Malan mocked back and impaled the Blood Elf with his long sword, this gave the signal for the rest of the troops whether cavalry or infantry or rangers to charge at the mighty Human Warrior, it was no good, Malan cut them all down, women or male.

Hours turned into days, and days into weeks, the war lasted on and neither Malan nor Grollok were scarred.

When they finally retuned back camp after weeks of slaughtering Blood Elf lines they celebrated with ale, but before they could do so, the remaining bulk of the army led by Sieldor and Drak'thaer, the army circled them, they couldn’t deal with an entire army circled around them, Sieldor knew this.

Near Death Experiences Edit

Sieldor in revenge for the loss of his army decided to kill Malan, he loaded his bow and prepared to strike him with three arrows like he did Halad, he mocked Malan saying he will end up just like his father, while Malan was striking at a hapless Blood Elf, he turned around too late, Sieldor fired his three arrows, but Grollok jumped in for him, Sieldor was shocked. The arrows plummeted threw Grollok's back breaking the heavy plate and into the skin but not enough to kill.

One of Grollok's might black axes flew in the air and then using a quick thought he threw his sword at a blood elves chest and then grabbed the axe, with a great feat of strength he hurled the axe straight at Sieldor, Sieldor was trying to reload his bow for another attack and he saw the axe to late, the axe hacked right straight into his face throwing him far away and killing him.

Grollok was still on the ground when he gave his other axe to Malan; he took his sword out of the blood elf and then began swinging wildly at Blood Elves and a few Undead.

Though Drak'thaer rode by on a warhorse and with his maul he smacked Malan to the ground and then ran in a circle around Malan but before he could get back to Malan his horse "tripped" but was actually Grollok grabbing one of his axes and slicing the horses legs, but then Drak'thaer smacked with the maul at Malan in the head two times, Grollok with his strength recovered leapt in the air and hacked him in the back hard, Drak'thaer screamed, though he lost all his feeling now, Grollok too the axe out of his back and with one more strength he beheaded Drak'thaer.

Grollok found Malan unconscious and at that moment he heard a battle cry, neither of Orc nor elf, it was human. Elaine Seasister.


Elaine Seasister cries over Malan believing him to be dead after destroying the Blood Elves and forcing the rest to retreat, Grollok salutes her and Malan's valor.

Her and three elite guards of Kul'Tiras arrived to fight the Blood Elves also, but she fought through the lines after seeing a glimpse of her love Malan on the ground not moving, after they killed the remaining blood elves she ran up to Malan's body and began to cry believing him to be dead. Grollok just stood there watching, he saluted her valor in strength in helping Malan and him removing the Blood Elf army.

Victory! Edit

After Grollok took Malan to be healed at the Frostwolf Keep and Elaine and Malan were back at Stormwind, they were asked to meet at the Stormwind Keep their the halls filled with excitement that not only the one who defeated the Blood Elf navy but the one that finished his dad's victory, that stopped an entire army of nearing to One Million.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon congratulated them on their bravery, and they were immortalized in the hall of Champions though the statues will be built when they are deceased but they have a few plaques for them. Malan was named Lord of All Alliance Armies not just for Stormwind, Magni ranked the title, Tyrande, Jaina, and all members of the Grand Alliance, his wife Elaine Seasister was named Grand Captain of All Alliance Fleets, she ranked just under Tandred the grand Admiral.

Status Edit

To this day Elaine and Malan live together with their son Henry, who has trained to be a well sufficient warrior, when one day he will have the chance to grab up his mettle and bring forth more honor to his families name!

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