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Born in Denmark in 1976, I started using computers when I was 6, been an amateur programmer since I was 8. Though never accomplishing anything of significance, I am a hopeless computer geek.

WoW and meEdit

When it comes to WoW, I've been playing since the end of 2006, mainly on alliance side. When Faction change became available, I said goodbye to Kilrogg and transfered my Druid, Paladin, Death Knight, and Warlock to Thrall US and swapped factions to Horde to play with old friends in Demon Warriors. It required getting rid of some of my old low-level horde toons, and took a significant amount of $$ to complete, but in the end it was worth it.

My toons are a set: Herbalist/Alchemist, Blacksmith/Miner, Miner/Skinner, and Enchanter/Tailor, therefor all 4 had to be transfered to not lose the ability to be mostly self-preseving. My friends help me with gem-cutting, so I haven't had a need to level my own yet.

During 2009 I became very ill, and was forced to take a break from the game for several months. When returning I started raiding Ulduar and TOC, tanking on my paladin, or playing tree or boomkin on the druid. Due to time constraints, we were never able to get further than Freya and Mirmiron in Ulduar before we stopped running Ulduar and focused on TOC instead. At the end of 2009 I ran into financial trouble (as a result of my illness) and had to take another break from WoW. Spring 2010 I then tossed in the towel and returned to Europe after having lived 5 years in Canada. I am now finally able to return to WoW, but the new time difference makes raiding difficult, but I refuse to give up the hope of being able to some day raid with my friends.

Despite being unable to raid much atm, both my druid and my paladin are geared and ready to take on ICC25. However due to the nature of the game, I have yet to find a raid group that is willing to take a player unfamiliar with the fights, into the raid (I don't blame them personally, I wouldn't do it any differently myself).

As I cannot raid right now (but still hope to be able to in the future as I refuse to give up playing with my friends), I've instead taken to leveling my hunter, hoping that some day I'll be able to take her into a raid, as my first serious dps toon (the boomkin is nice and all, but incredibly boring in the long run).


I have only ever managed to create one working addon for WoW, called Bunny's QuestLevel. Despite its extreme simplicity (all it does is tell you the level of a quest) I was surprised to have thousands of downloads of the thing. Though it is nothing for a wow addon, compared with how many downloads other popular addons are getting, it makes me happy that someone has finally found some use for something I've made. The fact that my own made addon works together with all the many other addons I use, is just icing on the cake.

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