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This article is a player character biography page The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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HordeNPC 32Guénon
Gender Male
Race(s) Jungle Troll
Character class Hunter/Beastmaster
Affiliation Wrath-Logo-Small The Horde, Guénon's Forces, Himself
Icon Cataclysm 18x18 Goroscream Forces, Himself and illegally the Horde
Position Wrath-Logo-Small Adventurer, Leader of the Guénon's Forces militia
Icon Cataclysm 18x18 Leader of the illegal Goroscream Forces
Location Wrath-Logo-Small Occasionally at Dalaran
Icon Cataclysm 18x18 Goroscream Hold
Status Alive
Relative(s) Family unknown
Comp(s) Gorossauro (pet)
Gorescream (pet)
Yoza (flying mount and advisor)

Guénon is the character that Mig64 uses to play World of Warcraft. He was created in january of 2010(during Wrath of the Lich King).


The beast troll Edit

Guénon's birthplace is unknown, he was found by a female shaman in the middle of the wilds of Echo Isles, as the Darkspear Trolls evacuated from the island during Zalazane's revolt. He seemed to be 19 years old and was extremely wild, his strange habits and that fact that his only clothing was simple linen pants, made the woman leave him behind. Guénon didn't know how to speak neither Orcish nor Zandali, and it also seemed that his only friend was a Bloodtalon Raptor. Guénon fought against some of the Hexed Trolls but their Voodoo scared him off the island alongside his raptor companion.

Upon arriving at Durotar's shore, he was found by Zjolnir, the raptor handler of the recently founded Sen'jin Village, Guénon seemed aggressive to the other troll but he quickly calmed down as he found out that Zjolnir wasn't there to cause any harm both to him and Gorossauro.

Zjolnir felt pity of Guénon, and decided to take him to Sen'jin Village, there, Guénon learned to socialize and speak, something he did very quickly. Now, Guénon had a decent set of clothes, his tusks were arranged, is capable of speaking Zandali and Orcish and is ready to join the world of civilization.

The life of Guénon and his raptor got a lot better since those days and as a retribution, the jungle troll pledged his services to the Darkspear and the Horde. He trained several years alongside Gorossauro in order to become a powerful hunter, a class that fits his link with the beasts of the wild.

Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King Edit

Several years later, the Lich King returned and the Scourge started to wreak havoc on all Azeroth, and by the same time, Guénon concluded his training and was now ready to entre the fray against Arthas' undead hordes.

Guénon, however, did not want to officially join the army of the Horde, instead, he decided to serve his faction on his own, and started his own journey.

Journey in Outland Edit

Before Guénon could fight at Northend, he felt that he should visit the previous war's battleground, in this case, Outland. So, he and his loyal raptor partner entered the Dark Portal, most of the Horde forces were leaving the destroyed planet, but with the help of the remaining forces at Thrallmar he managed to better equip himself for his future battles.

Guénon and Gorossauro passed five weeks travelling around all Outland, doing several favors for Horde and Neutral forces of the planet. And, while resting in Shadowmoon Village, he received an unexpected visit, it was a Netherwing Drake, his name was Horzinaku.

Guénon vs. Dragonmaw Edit

Horzinaku heard incredible stories about Guénon, and asked a small favor for him, the Dragonmaw Clan had imprisioned his mate, a Veridian Netherwing Drake named Yoza, deep inside the Netherwing Mines, and said that Guénon would be well rewarded if he saved her. Guénon quickly accepted, but he recognized that he would not be able to do this alone, so he asked Horzinaku to bring aerial support for the assault.

Guénon, Horzinaku and the dragonflight he recruited met near the Black Temple and after all the plans were made, Guénon and Gorossauro hopped on Horzinaku's back and they launched their assault at the Netherwing Ledge.

The aerial attacks were enough to distract the Dragonmaw forces outside the mines, Guénon and Gorossauro had to enter the mines and save Yoza themselves. Invading the mines wasn't really hard as there were only miners, foremans, and a few beasts inside, both troll and raptor didn't have problems dealing with them at all.

Guénon and Gorossauro found Yoza at the heart of the mines, they were finishing removing all of her chains when they were interrupted by a Dragonmaw Skybreaker, he was supposed to ride Yoza once she was totally submited to slavery. After a brutal fight, the Fel Orc was defeated and Yoza was free, she then flew outside the mines with Guénon and his pet raptor on her back.

After seeing Yoza, Horzinaku ordered his forces to retreat. Guénon, Gorossauro, Horzinaku and Yoza flew to Shattrath City, where both dragonflight could live in peace as refugees. Horzinaku thanked Guénon a lot and gave him Sen'jin Beakblade Longrifle, which he found in the corpse of another Horde adventurer he sent to do the same task he asked the troll for.

The gun was extremely powerful and Guénon was pleased, after some time in Outland, it was time to return to Azeroth, the troll took Shattrath's portal to Orgrimmar.

Arrival in Northend Edit

Guénon arrived at the Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra, there, he started to make his name inside the Horde's elite forces, and started travelling all over the continent, becoming well known and exalted by the infamous Northrend Vanguard, which made of him a force to be respected.

The Ravenous Jormungar Edit

During his travels in the Storm Peaks, Guénon got lost from his pet raptor, he managed to find some raptor footprints on the snow after three days of search, those footprints led him to the Hibernal Cavern, where a small war between Ravenous Jormungars and Icemaw Bears ensued. Gorossauro's presence was somehow accepted by the Jormungars and the raptor decided to enter the fray on their side, Guénon did the same in order to save his lost friend.

After the battle, most Icemaw were decimated, and Guénon was grateful for the Jormungar having accepted Gorossauro in their cave, and was ready to left when one of them decided to follow him.

Guénon named the Jormungar as Gorescream and she became his second companion.

Borean Terror: Kel'ThuzadEdit

Guénon and other adventurers received information that Kel'Thuzad was assembling a huge army of Scourge in Borean Tundra, to prevent this, they united themselves under the troll hunter's leadership, after hiring som volunteers, such as the servants of the Barov Family from the Eastern Kingdoms(they were in debt with Guénon) and some Timbermaw Furbolgs(Guénon has an excellent relationship with the Timbermaw, so they accepted his request), a militia force was created, which Guénon personally calls Guénon's Forces.

After weeks of preparations in secret(Guénon and his partners didn't want both Horde nor Alliance to be aware of the Forces existence), they launched their attack against the Scourge army in Borean Tundra. This conflict was a massacre, the entire army of undead was destroyed, but not before most of Guénon's Forces being almost decimated, having only Guénon, his pets, three Barov Family servants and one Timbermaw Shaman, as survivors. All the other adventurers were killed alongside most of the forces hired by the troll hunter.

Guénon was ashamed and enraged for what happened to his men, but he controlled himself, and with his remaining forces, he marched to face Kel'Thuzad, who stood in the center of the battlefield.


Guénon preparing to face Kel'Thuzad in Borean Tundra

After telling his forces to stand back a while, Guénon proceeded alone until he was face to face with the Lich. Guénon told Kel'Thuzad that he was going to pay for what he had done, for all lives he had taken and that the spirits of the fallen would return to consume him.

Kel'Thuzad said that it was not his fault if a group of "foolish adventurers with nothing better to do" had showed up out of nowhere and started wreaking havoc in his forces. Guénon felt mocked, and his rage grew even more inside him.

After using Disengage to stay away from Kel'Thuzad, Guénon picked up his gun and told his allies to attack. Unfortunaly, they accepted. Kel'Thuzad made a quick work of both Gorossauro and Gorescream, mortally wounding them, the servants of the Barov Family were quickly killed, and the Timbermaw Shaman had his body destroyed. Guénon's turn came in small seconds, he was desperated, the troll hunter had to do something to save his dying pets' lives, but he didn't know how.

Suddenly, two fire balls hit Kel'Thuzad in the back, when he turned back, it was the Netherwing couple, Yoza and Horzinaku, they felt that Guénon was in danger days before the whole conflict started, and so they started to rush out of Outland directly to Northend.

Now that Kel'Thuzad was distracted, Guénon healed his pets several times until they could walk, and told them to escape that place and rush to the Warsong Hold. The renewed Gorossauro and Gorescream followed their owner's order much for their dismay, and feared about Guénon's survival.

With the air support coming from the Netherwing dragonflight, Guénon picked up his gun once again and started shooting Kel'Thuzad. Although Kel'Thuzad's defeat seemed possible, the lich had a strike of luck when he managed to shoot a Frostbolt right in the face of Horzinaku, bringing the drake to the ground. The lich then used his necromantic powers to ressurect the fallen members of Guénon's Forces as undead, and the new undead army created ate the Horzinaku alive.

Shocked and without being cappable of doing something to stop that chaos, Guénon dropped his gun as he watched Yoza in despair. He quickly started pondering about all the lives he ended that day, and how incompetent he was...

Horzinaku, before being fully eaten by the Scourge, told Yoza that her life was now bound to Guénon, and that she had to escape from that cursed place and bring Guénon with her. Before dying for losing half of his body, he said that he felt Guénon would one day bring an end to the master of Naxxramas, and that Yoza should protect him until that day came.

At first, the female drake didn't obey her mate, and tried to save him by shooting fireballs against the Scourge eating him while dodgin Kel'Thuzad's offensives. But after Horzinaku's death, Yoza came to her senses and vowed revenge against Kel'Thuzad, she flew to Guénon and the troll hopped on her back, but when they were going to escape, Kel'Thuzad managed to hit both Frost Blast, freezing them and bringing them back to the ground, with the ice breaking, the lich shot several Frostbolts, mortally wounding Guénon and gravelly wounding Yoza. Yoza fainted and Guénon, being a hunter, faked his own death so Kel'Thuzad would leave him alone and he would have chances of surviving.

The lich, feeling that they represent no danger anymore, dismissed his risen soldiers and teleported back to Naxxramas.

As time passed, Guénon really fainted because of his wounds, he only woke up hours later, at the Warsong Hold, thanks for Gorossauro and Gorescream convincing some guards of the Horde base to rescue Guénon and Yoza. The female netherwing drake was at the top of the stronghold, near the Flight Master, pondering about the catastrophe that had just happened.

When Guénon came back to his senses, his wounds were completely healed by the spirit of the Kredo, the Timbermaw Shaman who had his body destroyed by Kel'Thuzad. After thanking the base's guards, his pets and Kredo for the aid, Guénon vowed to everyone around him that he wouldn't give up and would have his revenge against Kel'Thuzad, for that, he recreated Guénon's Forces, now a really small militia.

Yoza came to the ground to talk to Guénon, she said that she'd never forget what he had done for her, and how her husband trusted the troll, because of that, she joined Guénon's ranks. The troll hunter happily accepted, and said that she could help with air support in conflicts and that she'd be his personal advisor.

Kredo, the ethereal furbolg shaman, said that Guénon was a terrible leader and brought all the people he hired to doom, the troll agreed, still feeling guilty for what he had done. But the spirit proceeded, he said that Guénon was seeking redemption and that with Yoza's help he will be a great leader one day, and for that, Kredo decided to join the troll's forces too, as the militia's spiritual leader and advisor.

Guénon accepted, for his links with the spirits were strong and alongside his powerful spells would provide a great addition to his forces.

To find a home Edit

Now, with a flying mount of his own(Yoza), Guénon finally arrived in the magical city of Dalaran. His forces needed a place to stay while the militia didn't have it's own base.

After several walks around the city, Guénon found a place for his "people", after a small contract between Guénon, Innkeeper Uda and Stable Master Tassia Whisperglen, in which they would help in cleaning and administrating both stables and inn in exchange of a shelter for them and Guénon's pets(the last ones in the stables, of course).

Yoza decided to stay atop the Violet Citadel, where she could see both Icecrown and Crystalsong Forest.

Many months have passed, and they didn't have enough money to build a stronghold yet, it was when Guénon remembered of Alexi Barov.

Alexi Barov is in debt with Guénon for his great help against his human brother, he didn't know the terrible destiny that his servants had during the conflict at Borean Tundra, so Guénon could still ask favors for him.

Leaving the rest of his forces in Dalaran, Guénon went to the Western Plaguelands at the Eastern Kingdoms, to meet with the undead Barov. Since Alexi Barov didn't know the terrible destiny that his servants had faced, Guénon said that they left him behind in the last minute and disappeared, indignated and feeling even more in debt with the troll hunter, Alexi gave over thirty servants of his to permanently serve Guénon, and that he would give the money necessary to build the milita's stronghold.

And in almost no time, Goroscream Hold, the base of operations of Guénon's Forces, was done. Although Uda and Tassia were no longer necessary, Guénon sent two of his recently hired servants to work for them as a token of his gratitude.

The Fall of the Lich KingEdit

When the time for the final assault at Icecrown Citadel had come, Guénon, mounted on Yoza's back, entered the fray with ground support of Gorossauro and Gorescream. With military training given by the recently hired fel orc mercenary Kortoh Stripribs, the formely Barov servants(now called as Battle Peasants) also gave their strike from the air using stolen gryphons and wyvern and from the land using mechanostriders stolen from dead Alliance warriors.

When the group of adventurers managed to penetrate the citadel, Guénon ordered his men to stay outside and stop any kind of Scourge reinforcements.

Guénon, alongside many adventurers of the Horde and Tirion Fordring, was there during the final conflict against the Lich King at the Frozen Throne.

The fight was intense, and when the battle went inside Frostmourne itself, Guénon wasn't there. He was the only one who was not trapped inside the blade, and so, tried to fight with the Lich King alone.

Guénon is pretty agile so Arthas took a long time to lend a single hit at the troll, as he shot the Lich King with all his might, but when that single strike successfully hit, it was enough and Guénon was knocked out.

When Arthas prepared to lend the final blow, Frostmourne shattered and the souls of his companions were released. He is then healed and saved from death, but retributes the favor by leaving the battle. Stating that the Horde and his militia needed him for "better matters", since his true deal was with Kel'Thuzad and not the Lich King, he used his hearthstone to go back to the small camp he built for his forces near the Icecrown Citadel.

Guénon, recognizing his individualism, decided to stay and help his men to fight the remaining Scourge while the adventurers fought the Lich King.

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