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New Horde Race: NagaEdit

Continent balance seems to make a race in the upper eastern kingdoms more likely, and it also seems more likely a race would be added to give another Paladin choice to the horde. I also think any added races in the upper eastern kingdoms should have some cultural similarity to the blood elves and forsaken. Naga are flexible enough for the first 3 to apply, and also work with the fourth. The backstory would probably be something like Great Sea expansion pack ideas Naga backstory.

Mount: Probably either some sort of turtle of snap dragon.


  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Druid? (If an alliance race with druids was added)


  • Muscular Build: Strength increased by 5%
  • Water Jet: hits the target with a jet of water that deals damage (scaling with level) and stuns the target for 4 seconds. 5 minute cooldown.
  • Dive: Increases the Naga's swim speed by 50% and allows them to breath underwater for 1 minute. 4 minute cooldown. When dive ends, the Naga starts with full breath.
  • 2-hand skill: Weapon skill with polearms and staffs increased by 5.

Starting Zone: Zal'ari IslandEdit

A marshy wetlands type of area off the west coast of the hinterlands, would have a lot of channels, lagoons, and other shallow water areas. Low level Naga would start in Nagar Lagoon, than go to Zul'ashi ruins for further quests. The Capital city would be Zal'ari, old troll ruins resettled and built up by the Naga. Enemies would include murlocs, crocolisks, raptors, trolls, undead, spiders, and other wild creatures.

Transport to the mainland would be through a zeppelin to undercity.

10-20 zone: Breakwater IslandsEdit

A barrier reef, wast of the Plaguelands. It would have an outer rim of coral and sand islands, shallow lagoon middle, and a volcano in the middle. The islands would have trolls, murlocs, undead, water elementals, raptors, crocolisks, snap dragons, and such as enemies. The lagoon would have sea creatures, including sharks and threshers. The volcano would have earth elementals, fire elementals, spiders, murgals, and native lava life. The main town would be Coral Bay.

New Alliance Races:FurbolgsEdit

Mount: Either large bears or large boars (Bear mount+bear furbolg seems a bit iffy, and bears aren't a good "mount" shape, boars are the animal closest to the north Kalimdor forests that have a good shape.)


  • hunter/gatherer: wilderness survival skill increased by 10
  • Roar: Can be used every 5 minutes. Increases attack power for 15 seconds to all party members in the area for 20 seconds. Attack power increase is based on level.
  • Recovery: Health regeneration from spirit and food occurs 10% faster.
  • Forest Tracking: Increases stealth detection, also increases detection radius for all tracking skills except find minerals and find herbs.


  • Druid
  • Shaman
  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Hunter

Starting Zone: North HyjalEdit

This would probably be a lot like ashenvale and teldrassil, possibly with some snow near the top. Enemies would include the usual forest creatures, corrupt furbolgs, trolls, and occasional demons. Furbolgs would start in bear valley, travel to the Pinewood hunting camp for further quests. The Capital city would be the Barrow Caves, underneat the hyjal surface.

10-20 zone: South HyjalEdit

This would be the side that the burning legion attempted to travel up. It would probably have sections like felwood, sections like ashenvale, and, similar to the dead scar in Quel'thalas, might hjave a more corrupted section from Archimonde's ascent. Enemies would be similar to North Hyjal, except with more demons. The main Furbolg town would be Stone Cave.


New alliance Race:Sea GiantsEdit


  • Water Habitat: Sea Giants can breath for 400% longer underwater.
  • Algae Skin: 25% chance to avoid roots and snares
  • Water Affinity: Sea giants gain 5% extra health from healing and 5% extra mana regeneration.
  • Slashing attacks: Sea giants have a 5% chance to attack a nearby opponent for 50% damage when attacking.


  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Shaman
  • Druid
  • Mage

Short History: The sea Giants, historical enemys of the Naga, have recently discovered that they share a heritage of creation by the titans with dwarves and mountain giants. one group, deciding to further cement these connections, has left the sea to seek assistance from these fellow races against the Naga. Creating their own out of the way island to settle and allow trade and communication with land based races, these giants look forward to taking part in the alliance.

Starting Zone: Rockworn CliffsEdit

The northern half of an island the sea giants have settled to meet with other alliance races. It is mostly black, jagged rock, and has numerous large lakes from water that did not flow out in time. Enemies on the island include murlocs, Naga, elementals angry at the sudden change in surroundings, and possibly mutated fish. The capital city would likely be Nauticus.

10-20 zone: Sandy BeachEdit

This would likely be a mix of beach area, marsh, and lagoon. Enemies would include the usual murlocs, raptors, crocolisks, as well as more elementals and Naga. It would be a smoother landscape the rockworn cliffs, closer to sea level.

Travel to the mainland would likely involve a boat to Rutheran Village or Auberdine.

Changes to existing zonesEdit

Any Towns with docks, such as Southshore, Grom'Gol, Ratchet, Menethil Harbor, etc. Would have an NPC added to allow smaller scale boat trips to nearby new zones, most of which would only be accessible from the sea.

New ZonesEdit


Level 25-33 Accessed either by getting over the greymane wall or by boat from southshore or Menethil harbor. Gilneas, despite the wall, will have started to have worgen, scourge, Naga, and other such enemies seep in. The Horde and alliance would of course come in the fight these threats, as well as fight over territory. Enemies would include worgen, Naga, Murlocs, undead, and the usual spiders, bears, etc.

  • Alliance outpost: Greymane City (The capital of Gilneas)
  • Horde outpost: Zul'dare island: A small island settled by trolls and Naga just off the coast.

Kul TirasEdit

Levels 32-45 The Kul Tiras Nay has not been able ot hold back all threats to the Kingdom, and similar ot Gilneas, new threats such as Murloc invaders have snuck in. Again, the horde and alliance move in to combat the threats and fight for territory. Enemies for everyone would include scourge, some Naga, murlocs, murgals, and wild animals. The alliance would of course have horde naga to fight, the horde would have Kul Tiras soldiers to fight.

  • Alliance outpost: Boralus (The Capital)
  • Horde outpost: Drisburg, a town once overrun by scourge, which were driven out by the horde's Naga, trolls, and forsaken.


The Goblin Capital city, reachable from Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Everlook at level 55. It would have all services, skill trainers, profession trainers, a neutral auction house, etc. Undermine would be a major new faction in the expansion, offering patterns and quests in a similar way that Argent Dawn, Scryers, and Aldor do.

Darkspear IslandsEdit

Levels 48-54

These are the islands that were destroyed by the Sea Witch in the warcraft 3 demo and frozen throne bonus campaign. Recently, Volcanic activity has rebuilt the islands and plants are growing back as well. Some Darkspears have attempted to resettle the islands, but there are still a lot of creatures to fight, and Kul Tiras soldiers have resettled the islands as well. Enemies include Murlocs, Naga, Crocolisks, Raptors, Makura, and other wild animals for everyone, Kul Tiras soldiers for horde, and Trolls/Naga for alliance. The island itself will have several volcanic areas and several jungle areas.

The island will be accessible from Grom'gol base camp, booty Bay, southshore, Menethil harbor, and other docks on the eastern Kingdoms.

  • Alliance outpost: Kul'Tiras base
  • Horde Outpost: Darkspear village.

Instance: Sea Witch Lair Levels 67-75

This is the series of caverns where Sen'jin was killed. Now, Adventurers will sneak in the destroy the Sea witch, as well as her Mur'gal and Water elemental army. Bosses will likely include a water elemental, 2-3 Murgal leaders, 1-2 powerful sea creatures such as turtles and crocolisks, and the Sea Witch herself, a powerful naga.

South SuramarEdit

Levels 68-75 The large city of Suramar was raised by Gul'dan, and visited by Illidan and Maiev as Illidan sought the eye of Sargareas and Maiev chased him. Naga of Azshara and demons have settled these islands, and alliance and horde members have come to fight them. Skeletal orcs, and sea life will be here as well. South Suramar is the least settled of these islands.

All Three Suramar islands will resemble the Frozen Throne sunken ruins, though the outer edges of the islands will have more open jungle, and the inner parts will have more stone floors and other ruins.

  • Alliance Outpost: Maiev Post. This will be accessible from any northern or central ports of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.

West SuramarEdit

Levels 70-77 This section of Suramar is more heavily settled by Naga and demons, and the entrance to the tomb of Sargeras is here as well. Naga, Murlocs, and demons have tried resettling it. Some water and air elementals will be here as well.

  • Horde outpost: Camp Nagini, accessed from any northern or middle ports on both continents in Azeroth.
  • Instance: Tomb of Sargeras: Characters will enter the tomb and fight Demons, Naga, Murlocs, and sea creatures. Bosses would include a few demons, a few Naga, and possibly a mutated sea creature or two.

East SuramarEdit

Levels 73-80 This section of Suramar is where the Naga mine, excavate, and do other manual labor. The ruins here will have more pits, overgrown coral, and Naga structures to them than other parts or Suramar.

  • Neutral Outpost: Rebel Slave camp. The Freed Murgal Slaves would be the second important faction, along the lines of Argent dawn, Scryers, and Aldor.

Maslethon IslandEdit

Levels 72-80 This large island is would be controlled by sea giants, and would be a base for fighting the azshara Naga as well as powerful sea creatures created accidentally by Naga magic and experiments. The Sea Giants would be a third neutral faction, and they would have an outpost here. The island itself would probably have a mix of barren volcanic rock, snow, and occasional grass (Idea is based off iceland.) Travel would be from any port on Kalimdor.

Neutral Outpost: Marinar.

Maelstrom RiftEdit

Levels 75-80 This I could see as either one huge zone, or a collection of smaller zones. It would have all the great sea raids, as well as much of the end game content. This zone would be entirely underwater, landscapes would include Kelp forests in shallower areas, blank sea floor, mountains, ocean rifts, trenches, plankton schools in shallower areas, etc. Enemies would include sea creatures, Azshara naga, Murlocs, Murgals, some Sea giants, mutated humanoids from sunk ships, water, earth, and fire elementals (Fire elementals would be near volcanic areas)


  • Kelp Growth Garden: a Cenarian circle outpost (the Cenarian circle would be there to help recover the mutated sea creatures)
  • Goblin Undersea colony: The undermine faction outpost
  • Free Murgal City: The freed murgal slave outpost
  • Ulduran: The Sea Giant faction outpost

Getting there: Getting the ability to travel underwater in this zone could come in three possible ways, each from one of the three major new factions. As an underwater zone, special equipment will be needed while travelling in it.

  • Undermine: This would involve taking a quest at level 75. Some goblins will investigate a loss of trade while travelling near once safe routes around the maelstrom. The series will lead you to discover, and fight off, some Naga and sea creature attacks, and at the end will send you in a goblin submarine down to the goblin undersea colony. you would get a temporary piece of equipment allowing travel to find one of the downed trade ships, and afterwards would be given a goblin air generator, allowing underwater travel and fighting.
  • Free Murgals: This would involve trying to meet with, and help, a murgal agent who was sneaking murgals out of slavery. After some tracking, you would discover that the Naga have taken this agent down under the water for interrogtion. the Murgals would like a hero to free this agent after his service to them, so would want you to travel down and rescue him. The murgals would have you kill Naga, and collect other materials, to mutate you slightly to allow underwater travel. This mutation would be removable, and would be tied to an inventory item.
  • Sea Giants; This would involve attempts to clean up some of the sea creatures mutations. After having you fight on the surface against the mutated creatures, the sea giants would figure out the the mutation came from somewhere underwater, and enchant you to investigate. After discovering the source of one mutation, they would give you a magic item allowing travel underwater.

Instances: Old Nazjatar level 80

This section contains the oldest, most powerful Naga, including some of queen azshara's royal guards. It would also include several elementals, tamed turtles, snap dragons, and other Naga creatures.

Nazjatar Laboratories level 80

This section would have several mutated sea creatures, including snap dragons, dragon turtles, couatls, enhanced coral, etc. as well as Naga magicians and experimenters.

Sea Floor Mines Level 80

This instance would have a large amount of naga excavators and murgals working to find artifacts and minerals.

Megamouth Caves level 75-80

This would include sharks, threshers, and other such bony sea creatures. Bosses would include extra powerful shark and whale like creatures.

Fuming tunnels level 78-80

This hydrothermal vent section would include various Tubeworms, odd deep sea creatures, and Fire elementals. The final boss would probably be an elemental of some sort.


All of these would be in the Maelstrom Rift.

Kraken LairEdit

This is probably pretty self explanatory, the final boss would be a kraken.

Neptulon's throneEdit

Again, pretty self explanatory. This would be the home of neptulon, and would include various creatures made of pure water, including some water elementals.

Mur'gal Slave CagesEdit

This raid would be the place where murlocs are changed into murgals, and forced to serve the Naga in some way. The end boss would be a naga slave breaker.

Tenple of the EyeEdit

This is the prison of the main old god who changed the higbborne into the Naga. C'ral, the old god, is the final boss.

Breeding GroundsEdit

This section of Nazjatar is where the most powerful sea creatures are produced. Tow bosses will appear at the end, Leviathan, a very large and powerful sea creature, and the main Naga breader, who will summon a lot of sea creatures to help in the fight.

Azshara's ThroneEdit

This is pretty self explanatory. This fight will involve a lot of hydras, royal guards, as well as groups of lesser naga forces. Azshara would be the "end game" boss.

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