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Cahir was born in a simple home in Ironforge. When he was eighteen he was taken to the Mystic Ward in Ironforge and Dedicated to the light. He then started training to be a Paladin of the Light. After eight years of training he finally got his lisence to be a true Paladin.

During the time of the Third War Cahir was at Ironforge dealing with his own problems. He heard the news that his family was killed in a Hiking accident in the peaks of Dun Morogh. He wanted to just Fall down, Cry.. But he had to learn to control his sorrow so he decided he was going to go for a walk around Ironforge. While on the walk he ran into a man,another paladin! The man's name was Crodt, Cahir and Crodt became friends quickly but they didnt get to hangout for long. Cahir was summoned to King Magni Bronzebeard Throne. When he got there he quickly asked what the king wanted... when the king didnt tell him when he first asked he asked again. Finaly the king looked up and said " Cahir son of the light you are being pulled out of ironforge and placed on the front line at Mount Hyjal." Cahir's face quickly went pale as he thought to himself " I am not ready for this ... the front line why.?" He then looked up and said To the King "Why me King not to be rude or anything but why me?". The King in his chair look down at Cahir and said "Because you are the most loyal to the light even after being told you family has been killed you didnt do anything that would make the gods disapointed in you. You controled your sorrow. You could have Lashed out in Anger to these Lands that we love and live in.". Oombob looking up at the king,Kneeled then said "Yes sire I will do whatever your will is for me."

Three weeks after him and the King talked Cahir arrived on the Mount hyjal just as the battle was at its peak. He defeated everything in his way untill a commander of the Demon army shot him with a poisoned arrow in the only part of him not coverd (Throat).under the neck. All he could do was sit there and die for the poison was paralyzeing him. after the battle a priest named Tyrande Whisperwind Healed the wound From that moment he swore that he would for now on Trust the nightelves with his life, but since he was weak still they took him to their capatal of Darnassus so he can heal. While there he met his old friend Crodt and a new friend Keyes.

well after that short period of time he was on his way to Stormwind, While Crodt had found the love of his life Ellinie and now they are getting married,Cahir was invited to the wedding of his Friend Crodt. Sadly the marriage didnt last and shortly after they got married they broke back up. Later that month Cahir was plagued by the Lich King. For a good four months he was mentally and physicly attacked. Recently he has been purified by the Light of the Naaru. He was sadly left with the physical troubles that couldnt be helped my the Light. He now has Grey hair and problems with his Muscles.Though he is glad that he is free, he cant help but wonder what would have happend if he would not have been purified.

Cahir has also found friendship with the Nightelf by the name of Nytella... A Very odd Nightelf.

( you can find the following on the Server Silver hand, Nytella, Cahir, Keyes, Crodt, Ellinie.)

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