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The PG Pull is the name invented by the community of Server:Arthas to describe the pulling practices of Peegee, a Night Elf Warrior.

Unofficially the PG pull seems to be defined by a general idiocy and ignorance of mana supplies of casters and healers. Specifically in practice it is an idiotic and haphazard method of pulling which is illustrated below:

1. Peegee spots a room with 3-4 groups of mobs separated
2. Peegee will charge one of the groups, hit enrage, and draw aggro
3. Intimidating shout will be used, scattering the mobs in all directions
4. Feared mobs will invariably pull the other groups towards Peegee
5. Mobs gathering around Peegee/Priest healing Peegee, the Mage will draw aggro by spamming AoE attacks. Typically Mages hit well over 10 000 DPS in pre-MC gear at this point
6. When Peegee loses aggro, he uses Challenging Shout, and proceeds to kite the mobs around while the Mage continues to AoE
7. Retaliation is used, along with Sweeping Strikes, Cleave, and anything else
8. Peegee dies
9. Mage gets aggro. Likely dies
10. Priest(s) go OOM, and off tanks generally finish the pull
11. Ressurrection.

The ultimate conclusion from a successful PG pull is the elimination of 3-6 pulls within the span of five minutes, including ressurection. However this benefit is often ignored or unseen by members of the group.

It should be noted that PG Pull is not a viable resource due to recent changes to the Warrior class; notably the limit of intimidating shout to scatter all parties as well as the retaliation 30 strike limitation. Also since Peegee is primarily raiding, it is rare, if not completely impossible to exercise this sequence of events. Even in the Razorgore encounter, this would be disasterous.

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