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June 9, 2009

My name is Matt and I have 18 WoW characters, here are my mains:

Malork who is Beardey on the game, but oh well is a LV80 Tauren Hunter who is the leader of the Dragon Lords of Blood Furnace US

Lichdragon LV65 Tauren Death Knight <Dragon Lords> Blood Furnace US

Ashhorn LV21 Tauren Druid <Dragon Lords> Blood Furnace US

Larcia LV14 Orc Warlock <Dragon Lords> Blood Furnace Server US

In WoW you will probally see me finding places that arent that easy to get to recently I have been West of Stonetalon Mountains, Shatterspear Village, inside Forlorn Ridge, Dun Morogh Airfeild, Wetlands Farm, Arthia Highlands Dwarf Farm, the 2 islands south of Tanaris, tauren farm in southern Silithus, West of Dun Morogh, under Stormwind due to server overload in a raid on Stormwind, and on I have found what looks like a path inbetween Moonglade and Shatterspear Village, I havent gotten to it yet, but it looks like I have to go in the same general direction as Shatterspear to get to it. I think when I do get to it I will find a massive unfinished zone North of Moonglade, Darkshore and Winterspring. Also when I do get to it I will make a page for it and give directions how to get there, and some screenshots.

These are the rest of my characters not including the ones at the top Owlhawk LV80 Troll Hunter

Falconry LV26 Tauren Warrior

Stealtheagle LV16 Blood Elf Rogue

Naucthawk LV60 Troll Deathknight

Phantomkiss LV21 Blood Elf Hunter (Uldaman US)

Frostkiss LV60 BLood Elf Deathknight (Uldaman US)

Salandria LV5 Blood Elf Palidan (Uldaman US)

Emrealed LV13 Blood Elf Mage (Uldaman US)

Bearhorn LV7 Tauren Warrior (Blood Furnace US)

Dragonmace LV13 Orc Shaman <Dragon Lords> (Blood Furnace US)

Motres LV14 Forsaken Rogue <Dragon Lords> (Blood Furnace US)

Hawklord LV12 Troll Mage <Dragon Lords> (Blood Furnace US)

Ivymoon LV14 Blood Elf Preist <Dragon Lords> (Blood Furnace US)

Vampirewolf LV14 Blood Elf Palidan <Dragon Lords> (Blood Furnace US)

My explorations Well as you can see above I talk about a hidden path, yeah I found only be using the eyes of the beast so I can use my new pet Gondira to jump off cliffs and stuff, I found the way to the path. I will give directions and a video latter, but for now we can wait. Also looking into North of Dire Maul, saddly need my mage to 60 for some of my job now......

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