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Ripgut 2

Warlord Ripgut in his father's Armor. The Black Plate Armor of Orgrim Doomhammer.

HordeNPC 32  Ripgut Doomhammer
Talent SpecArms
ProfessionsMining and Blacksmithing
GuildDark Horde

== Biography: Born three years after the second war in Hordemar City of Lower Blackrock Spire. "Ripgut" was born named Korgrim, to a whore who was often found among the corridors of many Blackrock Orcs, popular with the Blackrock Clan she was one of many females known as "Breeders" which we're for nothing more then producing new soldiers to follow the Old Warchief Rend Blackhand. As a young whelp Korgrim was whipped and beaten to strengthen and harden the orc into a Blackrock Grunt. When he was young his mother told him tales of his father. He was named in honor of the greatest Blackrock to ever live. The Blackrock Bitch likely filled the whelps head full of nonsense, or instilled in him a quality of leadership unrivaled since the Last great Warchief Ogrim Doomhammer. Nobody may ever know if this is a true "Bastard" of Orgrim or not, but with a head full of beliefs nobody will ever convince him differently. == (( Coming Soon))

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