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This article is a player character biography page for Tyranis Nightwolf of Sentinels US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
Runess Alliance 15 Sentinels IconSmall Night Elf Male Night Elf IconSmall Hunter Hunter 54 Skinning:300 Leatherworking:287 Guild:Guild:The Unsung Legends (Sentinels US) (Sentinels)
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
AllianceNPC 32Tyranis Al'air "Runess" Nightwolf
Title The Requiem Hunter
Gender Male
Race Highborne
Character class Hunter, Druid
Affiliation Sentinels
Position Ex-General of the Requiem Dreamers
Location Darkshire
Status Active
Relative(s) Al'dairon Meldare Nightwolf(Father, deceased), Sayla Lii Nightwolf(Mother)
Alignment Chaotic Good


  • Full Name: Tyranis Al'air "Runess" Nightwolf
  • In-Game: Runess
  • Nickname: Wolf of Eldarath, "Requiem Hunter" or Ru
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Character Age and Birthdate: 11, 355 and October 31st
  • Brief Physical Description: An old night elf with many battle scars. He has long flowing white hair and a beard/goatee that is well kempt. He is growing wrinkles from his age, signifying his experience. He also has slightly slitted eyes, small fangs and claws that attest to a strong druidic history. Always accompanied by his three pets Fang, Shadowfax and Screech.
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Weight: 324lb
  • Height: 8' 1"
  • Brief Personality Description: Kind and caring with a grandfather mentality. When in battle, he is severly serious and focused. In a social setting, he is calm and welcoming but set in his ways. He does have the tendency to be slightly anti-social with those he doesnt know at first.
  • Quirks: Humorous and a jokester. Tends to flirt with every female, but more of a classy flirt, not a perverted kind. Very cultured.
  • Goals and motivators: Wishes to see an end to any corruption that plagues the Alliance. Is on bad terms with Staghelm, Runess does not see eye to eye with him or his means. Wants to see the humans embrace the greater side of their capabilities.
  • Passionate about the war?: Runess is "war weary". His age combined with his views tend to lead him to the "cant we all just get along" mentality. He has seen enough death in his time. He respects the Horde and many of it's leaders but will do his duty like any others. However, he doesnt have the highest opinion of Trolls.
  • A typical quote from your character: *Sighs* "I'm getting too old for this...", "I need a smoke", "No cause is lost as long as there is one fool left to fight for it."


Born in Eldarath at the beginning of the height of Night Elf civilization before the Great Sundering, Runess was the first son of the Nightwolf Family, one of the first families to practice the druidic form of magic and the son of the second student of Malfurion Stormrage. From a young age Runess showed a great love of nature and hunting and became an expert in the use of the bow, tracking and the art of ambush. He left his younger brother Melthas to follow in the footsteps of their druid father. Runess was quick to join the Sentinels when the War of the Ancients began, siding with Tyrande and opposing Azshara. He soon proved himself as an excellent Sentinel and a natural born leader. It wasnt long before he had made himself noticable enough to be given command of his own squad of Sentinels. Renamed the Requiem Dreamers, Runess headed a branch of the Sentinel Order that was rarely spoken of as most Sentinels under his command were considered black ops.

The primary task that Runess was given was to enforce and oversee the imprisonment of Illidan Stormrage after his betrayal of their people. After which, Maiev Shadowsong(a member of the Requiem Dreamers) was appointed as Illidan's warden and Master Elsan as the overseer of the borders guarding Silithus. From that point on, it was Runess' charge to capture all threats to his people and enforce any form of ultimate punishments. This included a brainwashed night elf woman who apparently had been ensnared by the "not-so-banished" Nanzhre. Never once believing that Nanzhre or his followers were truly done with their insuation of chaos, Runess began a campaign to weed them out slowly and undermine their plans from within. As the only General to ever capture the ever elusive Nayeesha Chillshadow, he took the time to get to know the woman and discovered that she was really just a pawn in Nanzhre's grand schemes. Letting her escape, he planted the seed that would allow her to come to her senses and by doing so, delayed Nanzhre's corruption of the Emerald Dream by a possible 4000 years.

However, when the Night Elves found themselves thrust into conflict with the Legion once again in the third war, Runess was beset by two tragedies at the command of Staghelm, Malfurion's underling. Sent on impossible orders, Runess' only son Hikasa and his brother Melthas perished in the attempt to complete them. Discovering that Staghelm had issued the orders, Runess left the Sentinel Order in protest to Staghelm's promotion to Grand Druid of the Cenarion Circle. He began a life in hiding in Darkshire, where he decended into an alcoholic depression. Twas his fate that during this time he met a young, mute orphan girl by the name of Rose living in the streets of Darkshire. His fatherly instincts took over and he took her in as his own and raised her for nearly three years. One fatefull night, where Runess once again found himself in a drunken stupor at the Darkshire Inn, the Scourge attacked the town. Runess awoke in time to help repel the attack and single handedly downed the abomination named Stitches but not before Rose fell victim to the assault. Upon her grave and her memory, he swore to make Azeroth safe once again for it's children. He wears a necklace she made for him as a constant reminder of this oath.

As is the nature in Azeroth, peace doesnt last and villains dont seem to stay dead. When hearing of Nanzhre's return from Nayeesha, who had sought him out despite his well planned departure from society, Runess jumped at the chance to extinguish the corrupted druid's evil once and for all. Entrusting Nayeesha with the Book of the Fang, the Nightwolf families personal grimoire of Druidic magic, he had provided the means for Nayeesha's opportunity to annihilate Nanzhre. The deed was done, but Runess had a sense that it was time to come out of retirement fully and began his own personal vigilante mission against any horrors he discovers across the face of Azeroth. He now finds himself alone and surrounded by enemies, seeking to forge new friendships with like-minded people who can aid him in making the world a better place.

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