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Name: Seldo

Race: Gnome

Class: Warlock (0/20/51) or (3/14/54)

Guild: Entil zha Veni

The Seldo bunnyEdit

Is loved in his guild for using the self created warlock bunny macro.

         (>  )>   <D<D<D Shadowbolt spam!
         The warlock bunny

Other variations of the bunnyEdit

         (>  )>={===>
         Squall from Final Fantasy VIII bunny
         (^.^) Ni Hao!
         (>  )>---)
         Chinese farmer bunny
         (O.O) Let me hold your items!
         (>  )>
         Banking bunny
         (>  )>
         (Q.Q) /cry
         (>  )>
         Sad bunny
         (O.O)I'm smacking you with my hammer!
         (>  )>--[]
         Paladin bunny

Misc. InfoEdit

Is infamously known for creating the (deleted) MOAR BOARS thread on the Wrath of the Lich King forums. It was started while the character Brenry was doing the low level Human quests in Elwynn Forest for reputation in order to get the horse for RP reasons. He became sick of having to kill boars and began to ask in General chat why there are so many boars in the game. He began to wonder if there would be arctic boars in Wrath of the Lich King and posted a new thread on the forums asking if there would be, ending the post with "BLIZZARD NEEDS MOAR BOARS!" People then began to reply and stating how humorous it was, also shouting "MOAR BOARS!" A new thread was then created just for people to spam "MOAR BOARS" over and over. It reached the 500 post limit within 6 hours. While most posters spammed MOAR BOARS over and over, a few tried to get the spammers to stop, with no success.


Name Race Class Level Server
Brenry Gnome Death Knight 60 Moon Guard
Andinarus Blood Elf Rogue 26 Moon Guard
Sinistersis Human Priest 45 Elune
Sinistershot Night Elf Hunter 45 Thunderlord
Ranpu Blood Elf Paladin 55 Gurubashi
Mooniniter Night Elf Druid 25 Elune
Raadalun Draenei Shaman 18 Elune
Roteater Undead Rogue 23 Moon Guard
Milyon Human Mage 21 Moon Guard

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