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AllianceNPC 32 Xarthat Xio
Title <New Guardian of Tirisfal>
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Level 100 Paladin
Affiliation Chromatopolis
Location Argus' Peak

Xarthat Xio is a victor of Icecrown Citadel Battle and he's the man who eliminated the Lich King by crushing Ner'Zhul's armor with his Hammer of the Naaru and then piercing a blade right to the Arthas's heart. He was also one of the most important champions of the Draenei during final assault of Burning Legion's capital, Argus. Now, after fall of Kil'jaeden from the hands of Velen, he resides within the Kil'jaeden's former capital of Chromatopolis, guarding the Frostmourne from peoples who may try to become the new Lich King and also guarding Soulstone of Sargeras, making sure that nobody will ever try to resurrect the Dark Titan.

Raid PartyEdit

(all presumed for now, some may be removed or however stay for purpose of virtual raid party)

  1. Xarthat, Draenei Paladin
  2. Ziiladra, Draenei Priestess
  3. Syvard Windwalker, Night Elf Druid
  4. Gratin Borren, Furbolg Shaman
  5. Magnus Stormbeard, Dwarf Warrior
  6. Aelia Flamebearer, High Elf Warrior
  7. Shargas Armbreaker, Naga Warlock
  8. Talian Highband, Pandaren Brewmaster
  9. Grommash Steelbreaker, Orc Pirate
  10. Nadia Unfallen, Highborne Warden
  11. Blastroth, Nathrezim Warlock
  12. Pirireissa, Shivarra Priestess
  13. Jacen Farcaller, Human Demon Hunter
  14. Ksasith, Arrakoa Mage
  15. Fintol, Ethereal Mage
  16. Rainen Blackhoof, Tauren Death Knight
  17. Raudigar, Centaur Druid
  18. Wraak, Magnataur Hunter
  19. Ghandik Mahantham, Tuskarr Hunter
  20. Hemlock Tinkerer, Goblin Tinker
  21. Man'jin Gaarshid, Troll Shaman
  22. Thetanaten, Nerubian Vizier
  23. Calendgar Transparent, Drakonid Warrior
  24. Thorsvald Ymirson, Vrykul Barbarian
  25. Krommag, Ogre Warrior
  26. Podam, Sporeling Rogue
  27. Putranraya Khodalvasur, Hanumanese Hunter
  28. Ssfir Tikrux, Oxtrorkan Priestess
  29. Grinner Bigtooth, Kobold Mage
  30. K'odil, Naaru Mage

And a few generic to fill 40?

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