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Pos'ion has two heads; one of life and one of death. He also has two corresponding 'main' tentacles, fought in phase 1. Before the titans sealed him, his whole body was over ground, with his Balance tentacles serving as legs and his two 'main' tentacles serving as arms. He was fearsome, and destroyed many Titans on his own, as he was immune to their attacks (barrier) and had powerful attacks. He was the one that created the naga.

10-man AbilitiesEdit

Phase 1Edit

All tentacles during phase 1 have a stacking buff called Growth. This can stack infinitely and stacks once per ___ health (dependent on mob). Growth increases range and effectiveness of all spells and abilities (including melee) by 1%. During the entire encounter, the Life head heals all adds every second. Growth starts at 100 stacks. At 0 stacks, the mob cannot use any abilities whatsoever. Main tentacles cannot be killed, but can be reduced to 0 stacks.

Main tentacles (shared abilities):

  • Growth- 5 seconds for one stack.
  • Sprout- every 10 seconds, spawns either a Plagued Tentacle or a regular one.

Life side:

main tentacle:

  • Life siphon- used at low health. Siphons 10% of all adds' hp each second and heals self for same amount.

Plague tentacle:

  • Growth- 1 stack per second.
  • Release spore- releases a spore that travels toward the target, and explodes upon reaching it. Target must be in range. Spores have extremely low health and can be one-shotted.


  • Growth- 2 stacks per second.
  • Thorn trap- releases thorns at the target, dealing damage and healing self for same amount of damage. Cannot cast on targets within melee range.

Death side:

Main tentacle:

  • Death's call- Dot that deals shadow damage to enemies hit by a melee swing from the main tentacle. Stacks.

Plague tentacle:

  • Growth- see above.
  • Plague aura- deals nature damage to enemies around plagued tentacle.


  • Growth- see above.
  • Shadowbolt volley- deals shadow damage to all nearby enemies if no one is within melee range.

Phase 2Edit

The light face doesn't need tanking, but the death face does. The light face has no aggro table, and casts all spells that have to do with adds. The death face casts all of the direct damage spells, and has some debuffs and indirect aoe as well. Balance tentacles spawn occasionally, that have a shockwave (stun in cone in front).

Life head:

  • Healing aura- heals all friendly units in the room every second.
  • Water Spout- Summons a water spout on targeted area where a player is standing, applying a DoT to anyone standing in it, that deals frost damage each second for 5 seconds. If an enemy is killed by this, the player will receive curse of the naga. 3 sec. cast, target spot indicated by blue light.
  • Curse of the naga- Mind controlled, immune to all crowd control effects. 500% health and 200% damage/healing. Persists through death.
  • Tidal Wave- Summons a wave of water on target location that goes forward for 5 seconds before disappearing. Anyone caught in the tidal wave will take high immediate frost damage. If an enemy is killed by this, the player will receive curse of the naga.

Death head:

  • Shadowy Strikes- passive buff throughout encounter. All damage dealt deals an additional 50% weapon damage as shadow damage.
  • Fel Meteors- Causes fel meteors to rain from the sky, causing fire damage to anyone caught under a fel meteor and stunning them. Lasts 10 sec, covers entire stage.
  • Curse of weakening- Inflicts the target with a curse that reduces movement speed by 95%, attack speed by 70%, and increasing damage taken by 40% for 30 seconds. Dispelling this effect will kill the dispeller.

25-man and heroic difficulty changesEdit

  • In 25-man mode, Sprout spawns a plagued AND a regular tentacle each cast, instead of just one.
  • In 25-man mode, Healing aura heals for more every second.
  • In heroic mode, Plagued life Tentacles spawn 3 spores upon death.
  • In heroic mode, Life Tentacles explode for mild nature damage upon death.
  • In heroic mode, the Main Life Tentacle still casts Life Siphon when at 0 stacks of Growth.
  • In heroic mode, Water Spout and Tidal Wave have a short-range aura, reducing movement speed of all enemies by 50%.


Phase 1Edit

Pos'ion is shielded, and his two main tentacles (one main death tentacle and one main life tentacle) are at either side of his body. Unlike the tentacles in yogg-saron and c'thun's fights, his main tentacles can move around, like a normal mob.

Ranged dps kill the plague tentacle when one spawns. They spawn at the front of the main tentacle's body, therefore right where the tank is. Melee kill the regular tentacles, which spawn at the back of the main tentacle, therefore out of melee range of him. The DPS then return to dpsing the main tentacle. All adds must be dead when the life tentacle reaches low hp. Though the main death tentacle cant be killed, reducing it to 0 stacks is good enough to keep the main life tentacle from healing off of it.

Plague tentacles grow on the front side of their respective main tentacle, and regular ones on the back. Phase 1 ends when the main life tentacle is brought to 0 stacks of growth, removing the barrier on Pos'ion.

Phase 2Edit

The phase is mostly centered around curse of the naga, and avoiding the attacks that cause it. Normally this would be easy; avoid the obvious signs of it. However, the balance tentacles' Shockwave, along with the death head's Curse of weakening and Fel Meteors, make this harder.

The main thing about this fight is a lot of co-ordination, because main tentacles need to be kept at 0 stacks of growth, balance tentacles need to be destroyed upon spawning, Life and Death heads need to be killed within 5 seconds of each other, and the AoE's (water spout, tidal wave, fel meteors) need to be avoided at all costs.

If someone gets curse of the naga, they must be immediately killed and cannot be rezzed.

10-man Raid FormationEdit

The raid must be split into two groups; one with a tank, a healer, a ranged dps, a melee dps and a third dps of any kind (life tentacles), and one with a tank, two healers, a ranged dps and a melee dps (death tentacles).

25-man raid formationEdit

  • 2 tanks
  • At least 6 melee DPS
  • At least 6 ranged DPS
  • 5 healers
  • The rest can be any type of DPS

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