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NeutralNPC 32Kaelstrasz, The Incinerator,
Kain of Dalaran
Gender Male
Race Red dragon
Character class Mage
Affiliation Red Dragonflight, Dalaran (as Kain)
Position High Guardian of Life
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Alexstrasza (Queen), Korialstrasz (Master), Vaelastrasz (Brother), Numerous Red Dragons and Dragonspawn

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Kaelstrasz is a Red Dragon In-charge of leading the Brood of Alexstrasza in there Eternally bound job as Guardians of Life, Loosely affiliated with the Horde and Alliance. He is "Twin" Brother to Vaelastrasz the Red And upon learning of the corruption of his brother by Nefarian, Kaelstrasz staged a full fledged assault on the Spire ultimately vanquishing Nefarian, And laying his brother's body to rest. He still mourns the loss and regards Vaelastrasz with the most highest respect.

Kaelstrasz currently and eternally obeys the order of Korialstrasz, Who sends him all over Azeroth enforcing the will of the Red Dragon Flight. He currently leads the Red Dragon flight's forces in battle against the Burning Legion in Outland, He is known for his breath which is known to "Incinerate" all whom have been caught in it leaving charred skeletons behind...

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