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Meet SioniEdit


My name's Sioned and i'm an 18 year old girl gamer from wales. English is not my 1st language, so i probably wont be editing any articles on here, i know my spelling and grammar is not good enough! I've got a habbit of being addicted to verious games for a few months before switching, i'm currently obsessed with WoW for the second time!


  • Playing Casually since April 08
  • Very much still learning!
  • Play on
  • Might just be catching alt-itis...


(i will be creating pages for my main characters eventually)


Moonglade 48x89px This user plays on the European Moonglade server.
25 This user has reached level 25.
Inv misc bag cenarionherbbag This user prefers casual playing style and is not hardcore.
Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Spell unused2 50 This user prefers to RP.
Inv misc head dragon black This user prefers to PvE.
Spell magic lesserinvisibilty This user has too many alternate characters.
IconLarge Horde
IconLarge Alliance
This user plays both factions and isn't ashamed to admit it.
IconLarge BloodElf Male
IconLarge BloodElf Female
This user HATES blood elves.

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