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HordeNPC 32Valthak Soulkeeper
Skulkerart Valthak Soulkeeper
Race [[race::forsaken]]
Level 78
Affiliation Void Nobles
Location Dragonblight
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral Evil

Valthak is the founder and current sovereign of the Void Nobles. Valthak is also known to be a collector of treasures and magical goods. This often proves bad, more for his friends than for him, as he usually manages to rope them into his half-baked treasure hunts, leading them into situations of the direst mortal peril.

Background Edit

Valthak was a reclusive human landowner in Tirisfal before the Plague wiped out it's inhabitants. He secretly practiced dark rites in the cellar of his now razed manor. After his death and rebirth, he pledged his skills to the Forsaken. Valthak often vanishes for long periods of time. Where he goes and what he does is a mystery to all but himself.

Personality Edit

Valthak is renowned as a brilliant schemer, and for being ruthless in his methods. Often secretive in his plans and motives, as well as vicious towards his foes, he likes to keep others guessing until the favorable time comes. Despite this, he has a sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh.

Combat Style Edit

Valthak prefers to let his demonic minions distract his foes while he cuts them down from afar with curses and hexes. However, if necessary Valthak can and will transform into a demon and crush the foe himself. Valthak likes to collect valuable and magical objects. He claims it is due to a lust for power, but many think he just likes to flaunt his collections.

Quotes Edit

  • "Someday, I think I'll move to Stratholme..."
  • "Look at that beautiful Staff! Yeah, what about the toy guarding it?"
  • "If had known you were going to complain, I wouldn't have invited you to help me steal puppies."

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