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Alliance 32 Alterac City
Ruins of Alterac
RacesIconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
IconSmall Vrykul MaleIconSmall Vrykul Female Vrykul
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female Ironforge dwarf
IconSmall Wildhammer MaleIconSmall Wildhammer Female Wildhammer dwarf
IconSmall DarkIron MaleIconSmall DarkIron Female Dark Iron dwarf
IconSmall Worgen MaleIconSmall Worgen Female Worgen
IconSmall HighElf Male AltIconSmall HighElf Female High elf
IconSmall NightElf MaleIconSmall NightElf Female Night elf
IconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Gnome Female Gnome
IconSmall Draenei MaleIconSmall Draenei Female Draenei
IconSmall Pandaren MaleIconSmall Pandaren Female Pandaren
IconSmall Furbolg Furbolg
IconSmall Broken Male Broken
IconSmall Wolvar Wolvar
IconSmall Ethereal Ethereal
GovernmentHereditary monarchy, House of Nobles
RulersIsiden Perenolde
LanguagesCommon, Dwarven, Thalassian, Darnassian, Gnomish, Draenei
FaithsHoly Light, Demonology, Shamanism, Druidism
AffiliationAlterac Legion, Gilneas Liberation Front, Alliance
LocationCentral Lordaeron

Alterac City was a former capital city of the Kingdom of Alterac until it was rebuilt by Isiden Perenolde, who became King of Alterac.

During the Second War, it was ruled by Lord Aiden Perenolde. The Syndicate controlled the capital city for a time, but the Crushridge clan of ogres drove them away. Now, the Ruins of Alterac serve as the ogres' base camp and largest settlement. Mug'thol, a ferocious and crafty warlord, rules the clan. The Ruins of Alterac are what remains of Alterac City.

Following the Shattering and the Forsaken's invasion, Isiden Perenolde gathered all members from the Syndicate and Ravenholdt to stand by his side and help rebuild the city as it once was. After the city was rebuilt and with newer constructions, Isiden became the King of Alterac and led his people to rejoin the Alliance and put an end to the Forsaken.




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