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Neutral 32 Dark Below
Level 108 - 112
Dark Below2
Dark Below first seen in the expansion
CapitalDark Below Citadel
RacesIconSmall DoomguardIconSmall FelguardIconSmall WrathguardIconSmall Imp Demon
IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead Female Undead
IconSmall PitLord Annihilan
IconSmall Felhunter Fel stalker
IconSmall Shivarra Shivarra
IconSmall FloatingEye Floating eye
IconSmall Imp Imp
IconSmall DemonicHound Demonic hound
IconSmall Voidwalker Voidwalker
IconSmall VoidTerror Void terror
IconSmall Dreadlord Nathrezim
IconSmall Tothrezim Tothrezim
IconSmall Daemon Daemon
IconSmall Doomguard Doomguard
IconSmall Doomlord Doomlord
IconSmall Fiend Fiend
IconSmall Succubus Sayaad (Succubus)
IconSmall Mo&#039;arg Mo'arg
IconSmall Gan&#039;arg Gan'arg
IconSmall Felguard Felguard
IconSmall Wrathguard Wrathguard
IconSmall FelsteedIconSmall Dreadsteed Nightmare
IconSmall Abyssal Abyssal
Spell shadow summoninfernal Infernal
IconSmall FelReaver Fel reaver
RulersIconSmall DarkTitan Male Sargeras
Major settlementsOfficial alliance mini-icon Shadowbreaker Keep
Official horde mini-icon Brightmane Hold
AffiliationBurning Legion

The Dark Below is a place inhabited by the demons, devils and infernal creatures of the Burning Legion, from where some dark sorcerers take their power directly and sometimes have a patron beast to foster their magic.


Dark BelowEdit

The Dark Below was finally discovered by Prophet Velen, who was able to send a message to both the Alliance and Horde about the Burning Legion's plan to attack the world of Azeroth until he was captured and imprisoned in the citadel. Once players reach level 108, Official alliance mini-icon Falin Wrynn or Official horde mini-icon Rexxar will take them to the Dark Below.

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