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Neutral 32 Farraki tribe
Main leaderIconSmall SandTroll Male Chieftain Azar Dunereaver
Secondary leadersIconSmall SandTroll Male Warleader Krazzilak
Race(s)IconSmall SandTroll MaleIconSmall SandTroll Female Sand troll
Base of operationsFarraki Village
Theater of operationsTanaris

The Farraki tribe is a new organized tribe of Sandfury trolls that have left the Zandalari after their failed attempt to restore glory and returned to Tanaris to reclaim Zul'Farrak from the Dark Trolls.


The Farraki tribe was formed by Chieftain Azar Dunereaver, son of Sandarr Dunereaver, after the death of Sul the Sandcrawler. All the remaining Farraki trolls have deserted the Zandalari and the Mogu.

Following their desertion, Azar Dunereaver was promoted to Chieftain and led his people back to Tanaris to rebuild their civilization once again. However, when they returned to the land, they noticed that Zul'Farrak was taken by a group of Dark trolls that were serving the Zandalari Empire. Azar was furious and declared them as their enemies. He later led his tribe in a deadly assault on Zul'Farrak, but their efforts failed and Azar ordered them to retreat.

Dark BelowEdit

First appearing the World of Warcraft: The Dark Below, the Farraki tribe constructed a large, fortified village and a permanent army post at the heart of the Abyssal Sands. However, when the Dark trolls begun their attack on the village, the defenders hold the entrance to prevent the invaders from breaking in. With the aid of an Alliance or Horde adventurer, the defenders were able to overwhelm them.

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